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Your wedding guest will spend most of the time dancing or eating and drinking. So, if you want your wedding guest to be impressed by your reception, besides making sure that the music is excellent and that the food is more than tasty, you should choose wedding table arrangements that are unique and elegant and represent your style.

Pictures with you and your wedding guests

Although it may require a lot of time, I am positive that such centerpieces for your wedding tables will captivate your wedding guests. Opt for a Multiple frame in which you put pictures with you and the guest from each table. If there are wedding guests that you don’t have pictures with, ask your wedding photographer to take an instant picture when they arrive at the reception and place it in the right frame. This way none of your guests will left out and they will fill like they play an important part in your wedding.


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Personalized crystal bowls

Choose some elegant square crystal bowls and have them personalized with your initials. Fill them with pearls, flowers or colorful stones and their amazing effect is guaranteed.


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Cupcakes on a mirror

On a small round pocket mirror place delicious cupcakes with different colors and flavors. They cupcakes can have vanilla, chocolate or fruit frosting, they can have bitter or mint flavor, they can be hart, car or star shaped. The men invited at your wedding will definitely appreciate the suit gesture, and the women will love the tiny mirror. If you don’t particularly like cupcakes you can always choose different cookies to replace them.


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Small fountains

Fountains used as centerpieces for wedding tables are a wonderful idea. The flowing water will make your guests feel calm and relaxed. If your reception is in the evening, make sure the fountains are colorfully lightened in order to create a romantic atmosphere.


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Mini cocktails

Place a tray on the middle of the table and put a few mini cocktails on it. Choose different cocktails so that you will have different colors. Make sure there are alcoholic and non – alcoholic cocktails and that they are constantly refilled. Your wedding guests will definitely appreciate these wedding table arrangements.


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Photo albums

If the idea of placing pictures with you and your wedding guests seems a little too hard to complete, you can always create a few albums that contain only pictures of the happy couple. Make sure that the albums include pictures from your childhood, high school, college and your life together as a couple. People love looking at pictures and photo albums would be great centerpieces for your wedding tables.


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Oriental fruits

If you are passionate by the oriental style having wedding table arrangements made of gold metal bowls filled with oriental fruits. Make sure you have a separate bowl for almonds, pistachio, figs, dates, raisins, peanuts and nuts. Also make sure you name the bowls after the fruit it contains. You don’t want to risk someone eating a fruit he/she is allergic to.


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Not all the brides want to use natural flowers for their bridal bouquets. Some brides want to make sure that they have unique bridal bouquets and choose unusual materials to create alternatives for their bridal bouquets. Unique bridal bouquets that aren’t made of natural flower not only that they last longer, but they are a perfect way to impress your wedding guests. Here are some alternatives for bridal bouquets:

7 Alternatives for Bridal Bouquets

Unique bridal bouquet with fabric

Silk flowers are more and more popular nowadays. If in the past there was an obvious difference between silk and natural flowers, nowadays you can’t tell which is which. So if you want to make sure that you will have your bridal bouquet for ever to remind you of your perfect day, choose a bouquet made of fabric flowers.


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Unique bridal bouquet with buttons

If you are one of those brides that like extravagant details for their wedding, an unusual bridal bouquet made of buttons is definitely the right choice for you. A button bridal bouquet has hundreds of buttons sewed together in order to create an unique and joyful design for your bridal bouquet.


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Unique bridal bouquet with brooches

Brooches are so sophisticated and colorful that they represent a perfect choice when it comes to an unusual and unique bridal bouquet. Vintage or floral brooches are the most common choices for bridal bouquets, but you can always choose any design you like.


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Unique bridal bouquet with feathers

No matter if we talk about ostrich feathers, exotic feathers or just white feathers, feather are more and more used in order to create unique bridal bouquets. If you want to make sure that your bridal bouquet is simply amazing, make sure you don’t include anything else but feathers in it.


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Unique bridal bouquet with muffins

Having a bridal bouquet made of muffins can represent a real challenge for a bride but it is definitely worth trying. Muffin bridal bouquets are quite unusual and rare, but they are spectacular. Arrange the muffins so that they look like roses and you will have your unique bridal bouquet.


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Unique bridal bouquet with Christmas balls

If you are having your wedding close to the winter holiday, or even on Christmas, this should be your choice of an unusual bridal bouquet. Mix one color Christmas balls with tulle and your bridal bouquet is done.

unique-bridal-bouquet-chirstmas balls

unique-bridal-bouquet-Chirstmas balls (source:

Unique bridal bouquet with shells

Shells are the perfect symbol for a summer wedding or for a sea themed wedding. So if you are having a summer wedding why not choose an unusual bridal bouquet made of shells, for your wedding day?


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With your wedding close and so many details that need taking care of, you probably have some troubles finding the right gifts for your parents, bridesmaids and groomsmen. If you are one of those brides who want to make sure their gifts are unique and special at the same time, here are some ideas of creative wedding gifts that will impress your bridesmaids.

Creative wedding gifts for bridesmaids

Wall posters

Nowadays it is very trendy to decorate the walls of your house with big paintings, or posters, or pictures. So if you know your bridesmaids really well, and you know their taste, you can have some wall posters custom made for them with an image that represents them. There are many companies that specialize in poster printing on different materials (canvas, acrylic, aluminum or forex sheet) in order to create the right wall poster for you.

Creative wedding gifts - wall posters

Creative wedding gifts – wall posters

Personalized year planners

We can all agree that we never have enough time to do all the things we need to do, during a year, month or even a day. But with a year planner we certainly improve our chances to succeed in solving all the problems we have. So if your bridesmaids are some extremely busy people or if they just have trouble keeping all the appointments, a personalized year planner can be the perfect wedding gift for them.

Creative wedding gifts - year-planer

Creative wedding gifts – year-planer

Personalized photo books

Most probably you chose as bridesmaids your best friends with whom you have shared many of your best of your worst moments. Look through your old photos and find photos of you and each of your bridesmaids, and create a personalized photo book for each of them. Choose the right material for the covers (soft cover, felt cover, leather, linen or spiral bound) and you will have a creative and unique gift for each of your bridesmaids.

Creative wedding gifts - photo books

Creative wedding gifts – photo books

Elements from nature will always make a nice decor and create a relaxed atmosphere for a wedding. Nature elements make you feel joy and happiness, so having nature themed outdoor centerpieces for your wedding tables will make each of your wedding guests enjoy every second of your special day.

5 Ideas of Nature Themed Wedding Centerpieces

Wheat grass

Decorate a glass bowl with wheat grass and accessorize it with flowers or decorative rocks. Make sure that the wheat grass is nicely cut and it has a symmetric look. With such nature themed centerpieces on their tables your wedding guest will feel as relaxed as if they were having a picnic in a park.


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Tree moss

For a rustic themed wedding, or for a farm wedding, tree moss makes the perfect natural centerpieces. Put the tree moss on a plate and add some small ceramic garden decorations like little angels or dwarfs.


natural-wedding-centerpieces-tree-moss (source: )


Create a natural decor by using white and black stones along with stone that have earth tones. If you want to be more profound you could choose stones that have special meanings. Put some of this stones on a plate and add notes with the meaning of each stone.


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Sand makes you think about the ocean, holiday and relaxation. Sand is mostly used along with candles. You take transparent glasses and add sand on the bottom of it and add a candle on top of it. You can always put the sand on a plate and decorate it with shells.


natural-wedding-centerpieces-sand (source:


The classic fruit arrangements can be replaced with a bowl with green or red apples, depending on the colors of your wedding. The apple bowl will have a nice visual impact on your wedding guests. Also, apples are the symbol of love, youth, beauty and happiness.


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Tree branches

You could use branches to decorate the floral arrangements. The branches can be natural or artificial, but the most spectacular ones are taken from a weeping willow. You can also create a wish tree by arranging a bunch of branches into an elegant, fancy vase. For the wish tree you have to make sure you have some small pieces of paper and pens, so that your guest can write down their wishes and hang the notes into the wish tree.


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A traditional fruit cake is no longer the only appropriate cake for your big day. Your wedding cake can be as big, bold and beautiful as you like – the only limit is your creativity! There are some truly ‘out there’ custom cakes and flavors available these days, from spectacular multi-tiered custom wedding cakes to gorgeous little cupcakes, so how do you choose the perfect cake for you and your guests? Here we’ll be taking a look at some of the most popular wedding cakes and what they say about you!

The traditional fruit cake

It can sometimes seem like the days of the traditional wedding fruitcake are numbered, but there are still many who simply wouldn’t cut into any other confection after saying “I do”. Conventionally made from tiers or rich fruit cake, including white marzipan icing, treacle, currants, cinnamon and vanilla essence, the UK’s traditional wedding cake is now seen as a little outdated by many.

Yet if you are a real traditionalist and family girl at heart and you love the idea of a classic, fairy tale white wedding with all the toppings, a big white fruitcake is an absolute must.


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The chocolate lover

If you can’t indulge on your wedding day, when can you? If you are a chocolate fiend, a chocolate wedding cake is the ultimate extravagance. After all those months of planning, arranging, stressing and dieting, a mouthful of your dream chocolate cake is the least you deserve – and it’s sure to go down a treat with your guests too!

Chocolate cake lovers tend to know what they like and might even have a bit of a wicked side too!



The little cupcake

Cupcakes are extremely fashionable wedding fare currently. They don’t just look pretty and provide a delicious little way to stand out from the crowd, they are also the perfect size to ensure nothing goes to waste!

If you’re a cupcake kind of girl, chances are you’re a bit of a sweetie at heart, which makes the idea of sharing out these lovely little concoctions with your nearest and dearest all the sweeter! On top of all of this, lots of cupcakes means that you can enjoy lots of different flavors and designs, so you can be sure that you’re providing a treat to suit everyone!


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The creative taster

Creative cake flavors are a big trend in 2012 as many move away from big, ostentatious cakes and start looking for something a bit different with which to tantalize their guests’ taste buds! There are so many flavors to choose from that the limit really is your imagination.

From Valrhona chocolate and hazelnut cake, drenched with Frangelico syrup to zucchini and key lime cake drenched with creme de cassis – with a talented cake maker on hand, creative couples can create a gastronomic sensation that will wow everybody.

The creative cake flavor lover is likely to have big dreams, ideas and perhaps a taste for the finer things in life too!


creative-wedding-cake (source:

The cake extravaganza!

No cake is big enough, no decorations are over-the-top enough and no amount of glitter is going to be sparkly enough for this customer. For some brides, the more lavish the cake is, the better! Cakes comprising of 27 tiers and dripping with edible crystals are the order of the day and, as for what’s inside, well, it doesn’t really matter! Many of these more elaborate constructions will include fake tiers just to increase cake height.

Glitzy cake lovers tend to be very image conscious and hooked on the glamorous things in life, they also have an irrepressible fun side!


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Author Bio: This post was contributed by award-winning artisan wedding cake maker Zucchero Pâtissierie, led by master Italian Pâtisserie Massimo Bishop-Smith. If you dream of wedding cakes which are as unique as you are, visit Zucchero Pâtissierie for some incredible cake inspiration and creations.