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Grooms sans tuxidoWomen are practically born knowing what they want to wear on their wedding days. The same can’t be said for most men. On a day when all eyes will be on the bride, many grooms and groomsmen just rent matching tuxedos, but that isn’t always the best solution men’s wedding suits brisbane is the perfect choice.

Here are some reasons why you might want to see your groom waiting at the altar in a suit instead.


If you are struggling to keep your wedding on-budget, skipping tuxedo rentals is an easy way to save money. If you’re planning a traditional wedding, chances are that your groom has at least one suit he could dress up for the occasion. Even if he ends up purchasing a new suit, the money is better spent on a perfectly tailored suit he can wear again than it is on ill-fitting rented formal wear.


Tuxedos are called evening suits for a reason. At daytime weddings, grooms should wear suits. Also consider the location and formality of your event when choosing menswear. A tuxedo might look ridiculous on a beach, even at night. Save the swimsuit for the honeymoon and compromise with a suit. Even an open-collared dress shirt with a nice suit gives this monumental occasion the respect it deserves.


Your groomsmen will thank you for not dressing them in matching monkey suits. Not only will they save money, they will also feel less self-conscious at the altar. Expecting them to buy matching suits is a big imposition; allowing them to use their own suits in a specified color or style works beautifully. Add matching boutonnieres, pocket squares or custom made ties for a touch of uniformity.


Rented tuxedos look boxy and awkward. Suits that fit result in much better-looking photos. You’ll also see more of the men’s personalities in their own suits, which makes your photos unique and meaningful. More comfortable in suits than tuxes, there’s a better chance that your groom and his friends will stay dressed throughout your reception. Having all the men in the room looking unbuttoned and untucked as the party progresses makes for reception photos you’d rather not frame.

While a wedding is cause for celebration, the vows you will take are solemn and important. Formal wear should not be optional, but rented tuxedos aren’t always best. Have your groom wear a suit to save money, match the setting of the event, and look and feel his best.

On your wedding day hundreds of pictures with you will be taken and you have to make sure that you look your perfect. When you look back at these pictures you want to see a groom with a perfect outfit. Depending on your body conformation there are different styles of groom’s suits that will work in your advantage. Here are the groom’s attires for each body conformation.

Wedding attire for tall and thin grooms

If you are tall and have a thin conformation you are one of the lucky grooms that can wear any contemporary suit styles. From jackets with a single row of buttons, to jackets with 4 buttons, or with 2 rows of buttons, each of them will be a good fit for you. If you are very thin and you want to look a little more corpulent you should opt for an arched jacket with two rows of buttons and broad shoulders. Also make sure that your jacket’s sleeves are long enough.


wedding-attire-for-tall-and-thin-grooms. (source:

Wedding attire for tall and corpulent grooms

If you are a tall and corpulent groom you need a simple suit, with no details on it. The jacket’s collar should be rounded to create an elegant line which will make you look thinner. Avoid jackets that have double rows of buttons and pleated shirts as they will add some volume. If you are a large size you should opt for vest instead of belt, as the vest will hide your waist. Keep in mind that black makes you look thinner and that it would work in your advantage. You should not choose white or light shades of colors for your groom’s attire.If your body conformation is made of masses of mussels, especially around your neck, you shouldn’t opt for a bow. You should go with a tie instead, but make sure the tie is not thin.


wedding-attire-for-tall-and-corpulent-grooms. (source:

Wedding attire for short and thin grooms

If you are a short and thin groom you should opt for a wedding suit with a jacket that has a single row of buttons and vertical lines that will make you look taller. The lapel of your jacket should be wide. Also make sure that your tailor emphasizes the shoulders and hides the waist. You can also opt for a three button jacket.


Wedding attire for short and corpulent grooms

If you are a short and corpulent groom you will look good dressed in a jacket with a thin collar. The jacket should have a single row of buttons. The first button should be located on the thinnest part of your waist. Also you should opt for  a vest instead of a belt.

You have probably planned your wedding day accessories down to the very last petal in your bouquet – but what about your groom? Many modern grooms are stepping up their game and expanding their wedding day accessories beyond their wedding bands and boutonnieres to cufflinks, lapel pins, and even pendants for men. Additional accessories are a great way for men to add a little extra personality or sentimentality into their wedding day ensembles. Here are some of the most popular types of men’s accessories and their best options for your wedding day.


Cufflinks are pretty much the most classic kind of wedding day accessories for men. Except for the most casual of weddings, most grooms opt for a pair of cufflinks to perfectly finish off their suit or tux. Cufflinks can serve as a very understated final accent, or they can add a luxurious or fashionable flair to his wedding outfit.

The type of cufflinks he selects is largely dependent on how informal or formal your wedding is. Even for extremely formal weddings, cufflinks are small enough to add a bolder touch of color or interesting design that reveals a little personality. Cufflinks also make an excellent pre-wedding gift for your groom; consider getting him a pair engraved or laser cut with his initials.


men’s-wedding-day-accesorry-cufflinks (source:


A watch is another standard and perfectly acceptable men’s wedding accessory, as well as a perfect pre-wedding gift. If he has multiple options to choose from, he should opt for a timepiece that matches well to his wedding band and is appropriately dressy given his suit.

If his watch somehow doesn’t work with his suit or if it is extremely casual, pick your battle wisely. Some guys cannot be parted with their watches for even a second. If your groom-to-be is going to feel naked without his watch, let him keep it on. His dress shirt should keep it mostly concealed and having it on may help keep him more calm. Just make sure you’re not running late – he’ll certainly be keeping track of your timing!


men’s-wedding-day-accesorry-watches (source: )

Lapel pins

A great complement or substitute for a boutonniere, lapel pins can have as much or as little personality as you want them to. Some men never go beyond the basic lapel pin supplied by the florist for attaching the boutonniere, but they do have a lot of potential for adding a sophisticated final touch to his wedding day outfit. A dressier lapel pin could have a gemstone that offsets or matches the flower(s) in his boutonniere, or he can forgo the flowers entirely and go for a more intricately designed pin – vintage lapel pins are always a unique and visually interesting choice.

Lapel pins are also a wonderful way to commemorate a beloved cause or organization. Many members of the military opt for American flag pins, while others may choose one of the classic cause ribbons.


men’s-wedding-day-accesorry-lapel-pins (source:

Pendants for men

For more unusual wedding day accessories, pendants for men are a top choice for guys everywhere. For some men, the basic accessories are just not an accurate reflection of how they want to express their own personal style and taste. With their ability to be worn under a shirt or jacket, pendants for men are a perfect compromise between guys who want a little more pizzazz and brides who prefer their grooms sporting a more understated and classic look.

Pendants for men are also a perfect accessory for beach weddings and other more casual nuptials, especially if he’s planning on unbuttoning a couple of his top shirt buttons. Look for pendants for men in attractive yet inexpensive contemporary materials like titanium and tungsten – you’ll be able to get him a high quality pendant without spending a fortune.



Remember, it’s his wedding day, too. Letting him add his own personal touch to his outfit using men’s accessories is a perfect way to allow his personality to shine through without changing the overall look and style of the wedding.

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Traditionally, the mother-of-the-bride has to be the first one who gets to select her dress for the wedding. The rule of thumb is that mom should be allowed to select a style in which she feels comfortable, while still being in sync with the mode the bride has set with the selection of her gown.

mother of the bride dress1

Ask for her opinion. Get to know her taste. This will save many an argument. Get a pen, paper and catalog and go through with her to find out what style she likes. Find a dress that is flattering to her shape, size and taste.

mother of the bride dress ask

Formal or informal. If the wedding is going to be formal, the mother of the bride should wear a floor or tea-length dress. Also, for a formal wedding, gloves are in order for the mother of the bride. If the wedding is semi-formal or informal, she has more flexibility in her choice of dress length.

mother of the bride dress formal

Time of the wedding. A daytime wedding requires a short dress, although some mothers like having an opportunity to wear a long gown.

mother of the bride dress time

Color. Do not choose white attire for your daughter’s special day. The dress should never be the exact same color as the bridesmaids, but should go with the party colors rather than standing out. For example, if the bridal party is wearing emerald green dresses, your dress should be a lighter shade of green; almost a mint green.

mother of the bride dress collor

Style. The most popular choices are between a skirt or trouser with a jacket suit or a dress. The dress is usually floor length or tea length, depending on the formality of the wedding. If you choose to wear a jacket suit you have to decide if it’s going to have short or long sleeves, depending on the weather.

mother of the bride dress style

Age. Dress in terms of age only if it is her style and it gives the look you and she wants. Some dresses are very matronly, so if she prefers to dress a little younger, then do it.

mother of the bride dress age

Size. Be sure you know your exact dress size and measurements. Have your measurements taken by a friend or professionally if necessary.

mother of the bride dress size

Talk to the mother of the groom. The mother of the groom should also be involved. You should make sure to let her know the colors you will be wearing so she can coordinate with you and not end up wearing the same dress! She will appreciate your help because she is going through the same problems as you picking out mother of the groom dresses, except it is customary for her to defer to your choice first so it is that much more difficult for her.

mother of the bride dress talk,jpg

Although the bride’s dress is the one that captures most of the attention on her wedding day, the groom’s wear is as important as the bride’s, as they have to choose attires that complement each other and make their special day perfect. After deciding what style of suit the groom is going to wear, he has to think about the shoes he is going to wear. The groom can find all kinds of footwear on, but to choose the right one, he has to take into consideration some factors. They are as follows:

groom's shoes The Fabric of the Shoes. The most common choice of fabric is leather. No matter if it is soft or heavy leather, these shoes not only that will give a breathing space for your feet, but they will also give the groom a perfect wear for such an important event like his wedding.

groom's shoes fabric

Design of the Shoes. Protocol dictates that grooms wedding shoes should have laces and never buckles, as buckles detract from the elegance of the outfit. It is also recommended that the shoes  be plain, with no patterns or pleats. With a simple design of his shoes, the groom will have an elegant wear for his wedding day.

groom's shoes design

Color of the shoes.When talking about grooms shoes, black is always the safe color because it goes with everything.  It does not matter if your tux is black, brown, or purple, black shoes always compliments the ensemble. But, if the groom really wants to match his wedding shoes to his wedding suit, he should choose a color that complements it.

groom's shoes color

Match the suit. Another important thing for a groom’s wear is to make sure the shoes match his wedding tux and suit. Usually  the shops that sell bridegroom dresses, offer matching shoes too.  Almost all the time the seller will present  the corresponding wedding dresses, suits and shoes.

groom's shoes match the suit

Comfort of the Shoes. When you choose the shoes, the groom should think about the fact that he is going to spend at least 12 hours wearing them, so the groom may want to make sure that he doesn’t stuff his size thirteen into a size ten. Leather dress wedding shoes can vary from heavy or soft leather but either way, leather allows the feet to breathe.

groom's shoes comfort

Casual Wedding Shoes. Many grooms choose a more casual and fun approach to their wedding and opt to wear tennis or canvas shoes with trendy socks. You can also opt for sandals or anything less formal which can be worn for weddings on the beach, or in the country.  The casual wedding shoes are also common forthose weddings where the bride and groom have gone for their own style and have moved away from tradition.

groom's shoes casual

Fitting of the Shoes. A good thing for grooms to remember when they go out to shop for their wedding shoes is to take socks and/or insoles that they will be wearing at the wedding, along with them.

groom's shoes fitting