Wheat grass is not only a very healthy food, as it contains minerals, vitamins, chlorophyll and enzymes, but can also be successfully used as wedding decorations for spring weddings. Using wheat grass as wedding decorations not only that you will save a significant amount of money, but you will also have inspirational and unique decorations for your spring wedding.

If you decide that you would like wheat grass decorations you should keep in mind that the wheat needs 7 to 10 days to get to the ideal length.

Ideas of Wheat Grass Centerpieces for Weddings

Wheat grass and flowers

In order to create these wheat grass decorations you need 2 to 4 weeks. Choose some fancy but elegant pots, and plant the wheat seeds. When the wheat has 4-5 inches it means it’s ready. Throw some natural or artificial flowers through the wheat grass and your decorations are done. Buy the freshest flowers online for your wedding centerpieces.

wheat-grass-decorations-with flowers

wheat-grass-decorations-with flowers (source: http://www.florifrumoase.ro/ )

Summer inspiration

For these wheat grass centerpieces you need square pots. When the wheat has the right height, add some flowers that usually grow in the summer. My favorite wheat grass centerpieces are those with daisies and gypsophila.


wheat-grass-decorations-summer-inspiration (source: http://www.planificarenunta.ro/)

Simple arrangement

These wheat grass centerpieces involve a little more work. When the wheat has the right height, you have to take the wheat with the soil from the pots and put them on plates. You add an elegant ribbon and you have your unique wheat grass decorations.


wheat grass-centerpieces-simple (source: http://www.plateandpattern.com/)

Sweet wheat grass decorations

If you want to offer your wedding guests a sweet lollipop you could use the wheat grass pots to create the perfect decorations. Put the lollipops through the wheat grass and you will succeed in stealing a smile of your guests faces.


wheat grass-centerpieces-lollipops (source: http://elementsinbloom.blogspot.ro/ )

Zen arrangement

Put the wheat grass on a stone plate and surround it with small stones that have different colors and shapes.

wheat grass-centerpieces-zen

wheat grass-centerpieces-zen (source: http://yourdecoratinghotline.com/)

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