Your wedding guest will spend most of the time dancing or eating and drinking. So, if you want your wedding guest to be impressed by your reception, besides making sure that the music is excellent and that the food is more than tasty, you should choose wedding table arrangements that are unique and elegant and represent your style.

Pictures with you and your wedding guests

Although it may require a lot of time, I am positive that such centerpieces for your wedding tables will captivate your wedding guests. Opt for a Multiple frame in which you put pictures with you and the guest from each table. If there are wedding guests that you don’t have pictures with, ask your wedding photographer to take an instant picture when they arrive at the reception and place it in the right frame. This way none of your guests will left out and they will fill like they play an important part in your wedding.


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Personalized crystal bowls

Choose some elegant square crystal bowls and have them personalized with your initials. Fill them with pearls, flowers or colorful stones and their amazing effect is guaranteed.


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Cupcakes on a mirror

On a small round pocket mirror place delicious cupcakes with different colors and flavors. They cupcakes can have vanilla, chocolate or fruit frosting, they can have bitter or mint flavor, they can be hart, car or star shaped. The men invited at your wedding will definitely appreciate the suit gesture, and the women will love the tiny mirror. If you don’t particularly like cupcakes you can always choose different cookies to replace them.


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Small fountains

Fountains used as centerpieces for wedding tables are a wonderful idea. The flowing water will make your guests feel calm and relaxed. If your reception is in the evening, make sure the fountains are colorfully lightened in order to create a romantic atmosphere.


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Mini cocktails

Place a tray on the middle of the table and put a few mini cocktails on it. Choose different cocktails so that you will have different colors. Make sure there are alcoholic and non – alcoholic cocktails and that they are constantly refilled. Your wedding guests will definitely appreciate these wedding table arrangements.


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Photo albums

If the idea of placing pictures with you and your wedding guests seems a little too hard to complete, you can always create a few albums that contain only pictures of the happy couple. Make sure that the albums include pictures from your childhood, high school, college and your life together as a couple. People love looking at pictures and photo albums would be great centerpieces for your wedding tables.


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Oriental fruits

If you are passionate by the oriental style having wedding table arrangements made of gold metal bowls filled with oriental fruits. Make sure you have a separate bowl for almonds, pistachio, figs, dates, raisins, peanuts and nuts. Also make sure you name the bowls after the fruit it contains. You don’t want to risk someone eating a fruit he/she is allergic to.


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