how to make your wedding your ownIt is the biggest and most expensive day of your life, so why not make it all about you and your husband to be? Follow these tips to make a personalized wedding that no one will forget.


Everybody has seen the same old invitations time and time again and we all know the format, so why not shake things up a little and create some stationary which is truly unique. Comic book, magazine covers and flip books are a great way to ensure that nobody is likely to forget your wedding in a hurry. This theme can be carried through into your place cards and orders of service too.


Project slow images onto a central place during your ceremony, whilst you are away signing the register to keep your guests amused. Use images of where you got engaged, your favorite places or concoct a funny story about your lives and include images of some of the guests for extra entertainment! Write your own vows instead of using the standard ones provided or select a favorite poem or song to read out instead. You could use all these as brides gifts ideas too, make a scrap book for your bridesmaids with pictures of your friendship, including any you use during the ceremony and write down certain memories that you have of them.

Pre Reception drinks

For the ultimate in luxury have your favorite cocktails or why not have a fun night in and concoct your own recipe (Just don’t forget to write it down). Nothing screams ‘TOAST’ more than a cocktail especially created for you and your groom, serve it in glasses rimmed with salt in your weddings signature color –  Now that’s how to get a party started!

Table Decorations

Have a theme that relates to both of you. Vintage pictures of weddings in both your families and use them as centre pieces on each table. This will also provide great amusement to some of the party who may have never seen the pictures before. Instead of a place card, put a postcard with each person’s name on and ask them to write down a memory that they have of you.


Of course you can have your cake and eat it! If you are going spend a fortune on an ornate cake then you may as well make it epic! Discover your inner geek and have a cake decorated with something you both love. Whether you are massive Doctor Who fans or prefer Cinderella’s pumpkin coach there is a cake for every occasion and one that really looks too good to cut into.

Fun Bit!

To make sure none of your guests is left out why not ask your guests to jot down their favorite songs and have them played at your reception. This is a great way to ensure everybody gets to hear something they like. If you have a friend in a band ask them to play at your reception or break from tradition and have them play your favorite song as you walk back up the aisle. Maybe do the same for your entrance and have a song special to you and the person who is escorting you down the aisle. Instead of a traditional guest book hire a photo booth complete with dressing up wigs, hats and glasses and let people leave a picture next to their comments – sure to be a hit with guests at the end of the night!


Remember it doesn’t actually state anywhere that you have to have a bouquet made of flowers or a brand new flowing white dress. This is where you need to find out what suits your personalities best. Why not create a quirky bouquet out of vintage brooches and buttons? Use pieces that are important to your family – If it is something you would never wear then this is a perfect keepsake rather than letting it collect dust somewhere. For alternative outfit ideas why not take a look at some of the options available on the high street – if you want to get married in a traffic stopping red wedding dress then go for it!

It’s your wedding so you can personalize it as much as you like from start to finish! Create the day your way and you can be sure it is one that everyone will remember!

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  1. Don’t forget to thank all of your guests with some personalised gifts!

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