Elements from nature will always make a nice decor and create a relaxed atmosphere for a wedding. Nature elements make you feel joy and happiness, so having nature themed outdoor centerpieces for your wedding tables will make each of your wedding guests enjoy every second of your special day.

5 Ideas of Nature Themed Wedding Centerpieces

Wheat grass

Decorate a glass bowl with wheat grass and accessorize it with flowers or decorative rocks. Make sure that the wheat grass is nicely cut and it has a symmetric look. With such nature themed centerpieces on their tables your wedding guest will feel as relaxed as if they were having a picnic in a park.


natural-wedding-centerpieces-wheat-grass (source: http://kugab.blogspot.ro/)

Tree moss

For a rustic themed wedding, or for a farm wedding, tree moss makes the perfect natural centerpieces. Put the tree moss on a plate and add some small ceramic garden decorations like little angels or dwarfs.


natural-wedding-centerpieces-tree-moss (source: http://wildblessings.com/ )


Create a natural decor by using white and black stones along with stone that have earth tones. If you want to be more profound you could choose stones that have special meanings. Put some of this stones on a plate and add notes with the meaning of each stone.


natural-wedding-centerpieces-stones (source: http://www.weddingwire.com/)


Sand makes you think about the ocean, holiday and relaxation. Sand is mostly used along with candles. You take transparent glasses and add sand on the bottom of it and add a candle on top of it. You can always put the sand on a plate and decorate it with shells.


natural-wedding-centerpieces-sand (source: http://www.bestdestinationwedding.com)


The classic fruit arrangements can be replaced with a bowl with green or red apples, depending on the colors of your wedding. The apple bowl will have a nice visual impact on your wedding guests. Also, apples are the symbol of love, youth, beauty and happiness.


natural-wedding-centerpieces-apples (source: http://global.theknot.com/ )

Tree branches

You could use branches to decorate the floral arrangements. The branches can be natural or artificial, but the most spectacular ones are taken from a weeping willow. You can also create a wish tree by arranging a bunch of branches into an elegant, fancy vase. For the wish tree you have to make sure you have some small pieces of paper and pens, so that your guest can write down their wishes and hang the notes into the wish tree.


natural-wedding-centerpieces-branches (source: http://www.liweddings.com/)

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