Not all the brides want to use natural flowers for their bridal bouquets. Some brides want to make sure that they have unique bridal bouquets and choose unusual materials to create alternatives for their bridal bouquets. Unique bridal bouquets that aren’t made of natural flower not only that they last longer, but they are a perfect way to impress your wedding guests. Here are some alternatives for bridal bouquets:

7 Alternatives for Bridal Bouquets

Unique bridal bouquet with fabric

Silk flowers are more and more popular nowadays. If in the past there was an obvious difference between silk and natural flowers, nowadays you can’t tell which is which. So if you want to make sure that you will have your bridal bouquet for ever to remind you of your perfect day, choose a bouquet made of fabric flowers.


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Unique bridal bouquet with buttons

If you are one of those brides that like extravagant details for their wedding, an unusual bridal bouquet made of buttons is definitely the right choice for you. A button bridal bouquet has hundreds of buttons sewed together in order to create an unique and joyful design for your bridal bouquet.


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Unique bridal bouquet with brooches

Brooches are so sophisticated and colorful that they represent a perfect choice when it comes to an unusual and unique bridal bouquet. Vintage or floral brooches are the most common choices for bridal bouquets, but you can always choose any design you like.


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Unique bridal bouquet with feathers

No matter if we talk about ostrich feathers, exotic feathers or just white feathers, feather are more and more used in order to create unique bridal bouquets. If you want to make sure that your bridal bouquet is simply amazing, make sure you don’t include anything else but feathers in it.


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Unique bridal bouquet with muffins

Having a bridal bouquet made of muffins can represent a real challenge for a bride but it is definitely worth trying. Muffin bridal bouquets are quite unusual and rare, but they are spectacular. Arrange the muffins so that they look like roses and you will have your unique bridal bouquet.


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Unique bridal bouquet with Christmas balls

If you are having your wedding close to the winter holiday, or even on Christmas, this should be your choice of an unusual bridal bouquet. Mix one color Christmas balls with tulle and your bridal bouquet is done.

unique-bridal-bouquet-chirstmas balls

unique-bridal-bouquet-Chirstmas balls (source:

Unique bridal bouquet with shells

Shells are the perfect symbol for a summer wedding or for a sea themed wedding. So if you are having a summer wedding why not choose an unusual bridal bouquet made of shells, for your wedding day?


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