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The rich colors of the autumn landscape provide a naturally beautiful and romantic backdrop for a wedding. As a result, many couples exchange vows in September, October, and November, using the changing leaves and rich fall colors as inspiration for their wedding theme and decor. Setting the scene for a romantic wedding day is easy with the naturally beautiful fall setting. Couples can up the romance and beauty on their special day with several strategies.

Find the right venue

Be selective in your venue choice. Discover a venue with scenic views, or step into nature to exchange your vows. Saying “I do” in your own backyard set a romantic and intimate tone for your wedding. Let nature guide you. Using the vibrant colors of the fall season is a beautiful, budget-friendly way to decorate. The right venue creates an unforgettable backdrop for your wedding photos as well.

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Choose complementary colors

Allow the natural colors of the fall to serve as inspiration for your wedding colors. While rich reds, yellows, and oranges are obvious choices for an autumn wedding color palette, they are certainly not the only choices. Chocolate brown is a fall-appropriate neutral tone that pairs well with gold, maroon, or eggplant. Jewel tones are perfect for fall as well. These warm colors are ideal for an autumn wedding, seamlessly blending your wedding colors with the vibrancy of nature. Thoughtfully chosen wedding colors will make your autumn wedding beautiful.

tips for autumn wedding - colors

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Create soft lighting

Soft, natural light adds a touch of romance for a fall wedding. A rustic outdoor wedding can instantly be transformed into a romantic space with natural light. Bright twinkling lights on shrubbery or lanterns hanging on trees add a touch of romance while staying on theme. Pillar candles in various shapes and sizes create soft mood lighting for an indoor fall wedding. Natural light can transform any fall wedding venue into a romantic one.

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Select seasonal flowers for centerpieces

Many beautiful flowers bloom in fall, and choosing seasonal flowers can be both a beautiful and cost-effective option. Fall flowers reflect the rich colors of the season, making them ideal for fall-inspired color palettes. Dahlias are a fall flower that comes in yellow and red. Roses, orchids, and chrysanthemums also suit an autumn wedding color scheme.

tips for a romantic wedding - flowers

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Include natural accents

Embrace the beauty of fall by creating centerpieces and decorative items that showcase nature. Fill sterling silver bowls with pine-cones as a simple seasonal centerpiece. Fill glass vases holding flowers or branches with acorns as an ode to autumn. Miniature pumpkins or gourds are other decorative touches that celebrate fall. These subtle touches pay tribute to the season at your autumn wedding.

tips for autumn wedding - centerpieces

tips for autumn wedding – centerpieces (source: )

Complement nature, don’t overpower it

Having an outdoor autumn wedding gives you a naturally beautiful backdrop for your vows. Choose subtle decorative items that complement, rather than overpower, the beauty of the season. You do not need large, ornate floral arrangements if you plan to exchange vows with richly hued trees in the background. Instead, accent your space with candelabras that do not compete with nature’s colors. Simple touches go a long way in making an autumn wedding space beautiful and unforgettable.

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Guest post contributed by Julie Cooper. Julie is a freelance wedding coordinator. She specializes in   creating fabulous fairytale weddings in castles and stately manors. She hires horse drawn carriages and takes care of all the special finishing touches, to ensure the wedding couple has a magical day.