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Weddings can be incredibly stressful events, especially where the planning of gifts and guests is concerned. It’s easy enough to decide upon what you and your future spouse would like to include within your wedding, but how do you decide what to give to your guests? Here is a list of our five favorite fall wedding favors for bridesmaids, best men and other guests.

 Best Men and Memorable Men

It’s not entirely traditional for men to receive cufflinks, but it isn’t unusual either. One of the ways in which you can incorporate fall into your gifting and favors is by presenting your best men and other significant men at your wedding with cufflinks that are shaped like acorns, leaves or if you’re looking for something a little more interesting you can gift the men with cufflinks shaped like pumpkins or seasonal fruits.



Bridesmaids and The Finest Females

For the bridesmaids and the most important women at your wedding there are a number of specific gifts that you can give. However, we feel that the best gift for any woman would be earrings; what type of woman does not love to have beautiful jewellery bought for her?

As with the men’s cufflinks the earrings can be bought in a variety of different styles and colors; these styles include acorns made out of precious metals or fallen leaves produced through the use of yellow or orange amber.



Gifts for Other Guests

One of the most attractive yet simplest gifts that you can give is a scented candle. Candles aren’t entirely expensive, they suit both men and women, and they can be shaped, scented and stained to adhere to strict regulations or rules regarding the theme of your wedding. In this instance your candles can be shaped to look like pumpkins in order to reflect the autumn harvest and the reaping of what has already been sown.

scented candles

Small Gifts for the Girls

If giving the same gift to other guests just doesn’t suit your tastes you could gift based on gender. The men and women at your wedding could receive gifts based upon their gender as it strengthens the idea of the bride and groom.

For the girls and the women at your wedding who did not play significantly important roles you can give a small skincare set. The skincare set does not have to include a large amount of products and it doesn’t have to cost a fortune either as it is just a small token of your appreciation for their attendance at your wedding.

The skincare set is ideal for the fall months as the weather changes significantly as winter approaches and you skin can become dull and dry due to the cold air and harsh winds.



Small Gifts For The Guys

There aren’t many gifts left that you can give which follow the fall theme – but there is one ideal gift for guys that haven’t played a large part at your wedding. Key rings are a perfect way of thanking those that came to witness your wedding and made the day memorable as they come in so many different colors, shapes and sizes. You can also purchase key rings that allow you to place a photo in the center – this means that you can give a key ring that represents fall but also has a photo from the wedding day.



There are a multitude of other presents and favors that you can provide your guests with; but the best route for you to take is the personalized route of offering your guests an item or an object that will remind them of your wedding day but also appeal to them due to their interests. It’s understandable that you can’t delve into the background of each and every one of your guests, so you can’t know their personal interests, but you can base your gift upon the interests that their gender often has.

Author: Amanda Bryant is a professional spa consultant and an expert in health and beauty who works at hydro healing. Amanda believes that organization and preparation is the key to the perfect wedding, including the selection of wedding favors.