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You thought that as the Groom, all you would have to do is show up, say “I do”, kiss her and leave. But it isn’t as simple as that. You’ve got to get your Best Man a gift.

If you’re thinking about being really boring and predictable, and getting them a shower gel set, then maybe this article is about to save the friendship you have with your Best Man.

There’s an enormous amount of pressure on the Best Man, probably a lot more than you think. After all, it is him who is doing the speech, it is him who has to make sure you don’t bottle it and do a runner and it is him who has to make you look awake and sober despite the abnormal amount of drinking that ensued the night before.

The gift you get him should reflect what he means to you, say thank you for him being there to support you, and not suggest that he needs a shower. It shouldn’t be too soppy either – remember – we’re men.

First, set a Budget

If, like me, you’re already paying the majority of the wedding costs, then set aside a healthy amount from the budget for the Best Man’s gift. You don’t need to go overboard – you can get them a nice and meaningful gift for under £100. Just keep your sensible hat on and you’ll be alright.

Now work out what sort of man your Best Man is

If your Best Man is a football man. A personalized football shirt might go down a treat. Couple it with a complete newspaper history of his club and you’ve got a real manly present that shows thought, gratitude and an understanding of what they’re interested in.

If your Best Man is a golf man. The internet is awash with Golfing gifts, but you need to get something a step above the rest. There are plenty of ideas for golfing related clobber on the internet, but I think that a nice pair of cuff links, a personalized golf glove, or club warmers.

If your Best Man is a gadget man. Gadget men have everything, so avoid the obvious emergency phone chargers, laser pointers, portable speakers and electronic bubble wrap; they’ve probably already got these. Think different – you can get some great office gadgets like the keyboard spammer, a small portable USB drive that adds randomized letters when typing, to annoy workmates, a USB powered Coffee mug warmer or handheld, portable shredder.

If your Best Man is a puzzles man. If your best man is into quizzes, puzzles and games, then look for something that will keep them amused for longer than 5 minutes. Chances are that if you pick something that isn’t very taxing, you’ll insult their intelligence. There are plenty of “impossible” puzzles out there that are a real challenge and should stretch your best man’s brainpower so far, that they’ll be talking about the gift for months, if not years afterwards.

Lastly, buy the gift

Buy the gift you’ve chosen, but be warned, if you’re ordering from the internet, order with plenty of time before the big day, you’ll need your best man to be in their best mood when the speeches begin, you don’t want to be on the receiving end of embarrassing stories or tales that you’d rather not have your other half hear, and buttering them up with the perfect gift is sure to avoid these sorts of situations.

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