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Hair updos for weddings are one of the most popular hairstyles for such an event. Not only that hair updos look elegant and fancy, but this type of hairstyle also ensures that your hair won’t stay in the way of your happy day. In this article we are going to present some of the hair updos styles for weddings.

Updo Hairstyles For Weddings

Braid Updo

It is the best wedding hairstyle for those brides with a very long hair and it is difficult to be made at home. It is recommended to lose the tiara and the veil.


All out up-do

It is a classic and elegant wedding hairstyle that works best for a modern bride. If you choose this style you should forget about the veil.

all out updo

Barrel Curls Updo

This is a wedding hairstyle that goes best for young brides. It implies barrel curls, which are pulled back in sections, and twisted at the back of the head. To make sure that it will last, you need to secure it with hairpins.

barrel curls updo

Bun Updo

This is the best hairstyle for a formal wedding, as it gives you the perfect look. For this hair updo you should avoid wearing a veil or a tiara, but you can use colorful hairpins instead.

bun updo

Classic Sideswept Updo.

If you want to have a classic look, this is the the best wedding hairstyle for you. Your hair will be all up with just a few loose curls framing your face. The best way to accessorize this hairstyle is with a white flower headpiece.

classic sides-wept


Curly Updo

This is the best hairstyle for a formal or semi-formal wedding. It works in your advantage, as it brings out your bridal facial feature. With this hairstyle you can wear a veil and a tiara at the same time.

curly updo

Elegant Soft Updo

This hairstyle also works best for a classic wedding. The bride’s hair is softly pulled into an updo, with a rhinestone barrette placed on one side, and a traditional tulle veil tucked behind.

elegant soft updo

Messy Updo

This is the best hairstyle for a casual wedding for any age. This hairstyle says a lot about your personality, and it goes with either tiara, or veil.

messy updo

Modern Beehive Updo

This hairstyle is unique, as it is modern, elegant and retro at the same time. It is very difficult to be made, so it is best if you saw a hairstylist.

modern beehive updo

Side-swept Curled Updo

This modern and sleek wedding hairstyle implies your hair being swept to the side with loose curls pinned in back. If you have a wedding gown with a low back this is the best hairstyle for you.

sidesweapt curly

Simple Princess Updo

If you want your look to be perfect you should add bangs to this hairstyle. It is simple and classic and it looks perfect with either veil or tiara.

simple princess

Simple Twist Updo

If your hair is strait, this is the best wedding hairstyle for you, especially if your wedding is taking place in summer or spring.

simple twist

Sleek Curly Updo

This is another hairstyle that works best for a classic wedding as it is sleek and romantic. Silky hair is given a bit of volume on top before being pulled back, and large curls create the updo bun.

sleek curly hair

The whip updo

If you want a hairstyle that would be unique and look daring at the same time, this is the best one for you. This wedding hairstyle features a French twist in the back and bangs that make up a solid whip twist in the front.

whip updo

Tight curls updo

If your hair is extremely curly, this is the best wedding hairstyle for you as you don’t have to worry about straighten your hair.

tight curls updo

Top Curls updo

Try this unique and dramatic updo for either a formal or casual wedding. This wedding hairstyle works best with flowers or a large clip on the side.

top curls updo

Vintage Sleek Updo

If you plan to be a vintage classic bride, this is the best hairstyle for you. Pair this wedding updo with a romantic lace sheath style wedding dress, and your vintage-inspired bridal look will be out of this world!

vintage sleek updo