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One of the most important accessories that a bride wears on her wedding day is her bouquet. When choosing flowers at a local florist, the colors and the shape of their bouquet brides should be be taken into consideration as well as their personal preferences and their wedding theme. Very few of them actually think about the meaning of the flowers that complements their already amazing look.

We have prepared a short post on the meaning of the most popular flowers used for bridal bouquets, and we are eager to share it with you.

Tulip bridal bouquet

Although tulips are less used for bridal bouquets, they are extremely special Learn More about the history, in the early 1900, tulips were very popular, mostly because of their special meaning: eternity, fame, eternal love and imagination.

Tulips have a black point in the center of the flower that symbolizes the heart full of love of the future spouses, and also the intensity of the passion that is between them. The legend also says that tulip is the first flower to grow on earth.

buchet mireasa lalele

Peony bridal bouquet

Peony is a flower that vibrates due to the wealth of its petals and the sensuality of its flavor. During the domination of Roman Empire, peonies were extremely valued. Also, the Chinese used to treat asthma and belly pains with peonies.

But the real charm of this flower comes from its intense flavor; a flavor that lasts until the flower dies or drys. Peonies are known to be the traditional flowers for the 12th anniversary of a marriage as it carries good energy and conjugal tenderness.

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Daisy bridal bouquet

Daisy is the flower of physical and spiritual innocence, femininity and purity. Daisy is also the symbol of honesty, and it should be worn by brides who are chaste and pure.

Daisies are used not only for the bridal bouquet, but also as a headpiece. More and more brides choose to replace the classic veil with unique headpieces that copy the shape of a daisy.


 Roses bridal bouquet

You can see roses in most of the bridal bouquets. The rose is the most known symbol of the love between a man and a woman, of passion and intense feelings.

Although in the past roses were used for different purposes, from healing to cooking, they remain the symbol of passion and love. Its elegance is perfect for a sophisticated bride.

buchetul miresei trandafir

Orchid bridal bouquet

Being an exotic, enigmatic and pretentious flower, the orchid has become popular only in the last 15 years. Its beauty inspires tenderness, wealth, inner force, richness and irresistible charm. The ancient Greeks considered orchids to be the flower of virility while the Britain’s considered it the flower of luxury.

Bridal bouquets made of orchids come in a variety of colors and shapes, all of them expressing strength, attraction and sensibility at the same time.

buchet mireasa orhidee

Lilly bridal bouquet

Lilly is the flower of controversy:  on one hand, it expresses innocence, purity and femininity, and on the other hand, it carries a lot of sadness. The legend says that the lilies grew after the Earth was wetted by Eva’s tears.

It is also said that lilies grow out of nothing on the graves of innocent people who died due to an injustice. This mainly why lilies express the purity of an innocent heart. Lilies also mean gratitude and joy.

buchet mireasa crin

Magnolia bridal bouquet

Magnolia bridal bouquets are a little bit unusual, but they are as special as traditional rose’s bouquets. Magnolia inspires profoundness, beauty, and tenderness on one hand, and perseverance and dignity on the other hand.

Its name makes you think about the splendor of nature. This means that any bride who chooses to have a magnolia bouquet on her wedding day should be described in one word: genuineness.

buchet mireasa magnolie

 Freesia bridal bouquet

Freesia is the symbol of the complexity of human feelings. In the past, freesia was considered the flower of friendship, but as time passed it become the symbol of more profound feelings, including love and passion.

 Its complex character makes it a flower of wisdom, profoundness, inner feelings and spiritual purity. Freesia bridal bouquet inspires tender love between the spouses, but also their friendship, respect and trust.

buchet mireasa frezii

The meaning of all these flowers is the same not only when they form a bridal bouquet, but also when they are used as decorations or centerpieces for other events. The message that a flower sends changes depending on their color, but one thing always remains the same: a flower is the most honest way that one can express his feelings without words.

It is a well-known fact that wedding dresses are considered utmost important for your big day. As far as wedding is concerned, right from the wedding dress, jewellery, shoes to wedding cakes and bouquets, everything has its own special place and is equally important.

Flowers are always considered special especially for a wedding as they sprinkle romance and if used in decorations, beautify the entire venue. The wedding bunch that the bride holds features another significant role. Since, the bouquet that the bride holds is important thus, it has to be made with all freshly selected and preferred flowers. The bouquets come in variety of styles and shapes and should be catchy enough to get noticed by the guests as they arrive at your wedding venues in London.

Here are few considerations to be kept in mind while choosing your bridal bouquet:

Wedding season

The season during your wedding time is one of the major factors that influence the type of flowers to be arranged in a bridal bouquet. If you want any particular seasonal flower to be added in your bunch then you would have to decide the dates accordingly. If that’s not possible then you can even bring in flowers from some other place.

fall wedding bouquet ( )

fall wedding bouquet ( )

Appearance and Fragrance

While selecting the flowers for your wedding ceremony, flower’s fragrance and appearance does matter because it’s a special one to be created for the bride. Overlooking any one of the two things can land you up in carrying a not so good bouquet as you will have to hold it all over the day. Thus, it should have a pleasant aroma along with good looks.

Wedding Bouquets

Wedding Bouquets

Style & Size

These are two yet other important factors to be measured. The most popular among all is the Cascade style which is also known as waterfall. This shape gives a vivid look as if the flowers actually seem to topple down your outfit. Arm sheaf is another one that comprises of long stemmed flowers. The bride holds this type of bouquet in her inner arm.

If you would want to look modest yet graceful, then a bride must go with a flower bracelet or bouquet which is hand tied. It appears stylish with informal wedding gowns.

bridal bouquet style (source: )

bridal bouquet style (source: )

Color Combination

Color combination is quite crucial when it comes to bridal bouquet selection. It can make or break your overall look as a bride. The color combination has to be such that goes well with the color of your wedding attire. For those who wish to play safe must go for cream or white colored bouquets which look good on all color dresses.

bridal bouquet color (source: )

bridal bouquet color (source: )

These factors are to be kept in mind before finalizing from a wide range of wedding bouquets to make your special day even more special.

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