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There are not many makeup colors that work perfect for any skin color, but a few of them really exist. There are colors that work best for darker skin, of for pale skin. There are colors that work best for green eyes, blue eyes or brown eyes. There are also makeup colors that make any face look amazing, no matter the hair color, skin color, or eye color. Here are the makeup colors recommended for all women in this world:


Intense violet is a color that works for any person. When we say intense violet we think about the color resulting when mixing red and blue. Being so intense, violet works better for an evening wedding, rather than a morning one. Remember to remove your makeup with micellar water after you go to sleep.

Keep in mind that we are not talking about magenta; we want a color in which blue and red are equally distributed. If violet reflects bluer or more red, it is not the color that works for any skin tone bridal makeup.

violet bridal makeup


Peach is another makeup color that fits any skin. Peach is the perfect color for your blush. No matter if the bride has blond or dark hair; peach blush sends the message of freshness, naturalness and health. If you add a little bit of shine (golden particles) you may consider yourself the luckiest bride.

Unlike pink, peach blush is a color that favors any bride. Peach is a feminine color, warm and natural. If your skin is pale, you can use peach blush to underline the roundness of your cheeks. If your skin is olive, you should apply the color linearly, as up as possible, to make your skin shine.

peach bridal makeup


Golden is the right color for eye shadow. Golden is the supreme shade when it comes to metallic colors for bridal makeup. We recommend the golden eye shadows with a pearly formula, instead of mat colors. Mat colors give the impression of artificial and dramatic; pearly shades make you think about naturalness, femininity and romantism.

The golden eye shadow must be applied on the superior side of your eyelids, and not right next to your genes. With this makeup, the bride will have an intense but shiny look.

golden makeup


You cannot go wrong if you choose red for your lipstick. To avoid any misunderstandings, I’ll make it clear. Not any woman can wear red lipstick. There is only one shade of lipstick that fits any lisp: poppy red. If a bride will have her makeup designed to underline her lips, she will look like a Hollywood star.

Warning! Burgundy red, orange-red or dark red are not colors that work for any skin color. Poppy red is the only universal shade.

red lipstick for brides

Bronze powder

Bronze powder is another makeup detail that is perfect for any bride. If you want this powder to have the right effect, it has to be applied differently, depending on the color of the skin.

The brides that have olive skin should apply bronze powder only on the cheekbones, to enlighten their face. Brides with pale skin will apply bronze powder on their cheeks, temples, forehead, nose and chin. Bronze powder can also be used as eye shadow, making the bride’s eyes look natural and sophisticated.

bronze powder bridal makeup


When it comes to brown, we are not referring to just one shade of this color, but to a combination of shades. Brown eye shadow works for any skin and any eye color, but in order to create the effect you want, try combining it with different shades of this beautiful color.

Gray brown is a great fit for any eyes and any skin color. Women that have pale skin can use brown to create smoky eyes. Women who have olive skin should use brown for their eyelids, in order to underline their perfect genes.

brown bridal makeup


Turquoise is a perfect for eye contour. Surprisingly, right? Turquoise is said to favor any eye color and any skin. A bride that uses turquoise in her makeup will have an intense and warm look at the same time.

Turquoise contrasts the natural colors, making them more obvious. In order to get this effect, make sure the contour is as subtle as possible.

turquoise bridal makeup


Pink works great for lipstick color simply because it copies the natural color of the lips. This means that we are talking about that pink that has a drop of gloss in it, and that it looks as natural as possible. Light pink is the shade that fits perfect any skin color. The rest of the shades can be used only depending on the skin color of the bride.

As long as you follow our advice, you can use these colors, no matter the color of your skin and eyes.

pink bridal makeup

The best bridal make-up for your wedding day should highlight your natural beauty and hide the imperfections at the same time. You must choose carefully the makeup colors, so that they are the best ones for your skin tone. If the colors are complementary, the effect would be reversed.

Best bridal make up for translucent skin tone

Eyes. The eye shadow can have shades of pale pink, chocolate brown, light gold, peach or khaki. For this skin tone the shades of brown are the best choice. Never go with black, not even for your mascara or you eyeliner.

Cheekbones. The blush can have shadows of pale pink or peach.

Lips. For your lips you should go with worm shadows of pink or honey. Shiny gloss is the best choice for your skin tone.


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Best bridal makeup for pale skin tone

Eyes. The eye shadow can have shades of plum, mauve or pastels, but you can also try some shades of cooper.

Cheekbones. The blush can have shadows of pale pink, rose or peach.

Lips. For your lips you should choose any shadow of pink or burgundy red.


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Best bridal makeup for normal skin tone

Eyes. For a normal skin tone you have a lot of choices when it comes to eye shadows: brown, silver, gold, cooper, burgundy, navy blue or green.

Cheekbones. The blush can have a bronze shine, or you can choose shades of rose or terracotta.

Lips. For your lips choose plum shades, rose-gold, brown-pink, chocolate shades or deep red. Avoid pastels for your lips.


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Best bridal makeup for olive skin tone

Eyes. Any shade of bronze, cooper, gold is perfect for eye shadow. You can also try caramel, chocolate, emerald green or violet.

Cheekbones. The blush can have shades of coral-gold, terracotta, dark pink and apricot.

Lips. For your lips you should choose gold shades, beige, caramel, coral or burgundy red.


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Tip. If you have no idea of what colors are best for your skin tone, try to find a celebrity girl that has a similar skin tone as yours and follow the makeup style she uses for fancy events.