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Bridesmaids play a very important role in your wedding: they help you choose your wedding dress, they help you address your wedding invitations, they help the maid of honor plan the bridal shower, and they will help you plan your dream wedding. What better way to recompense your bridesmaids for their patience and help but by offering them perfect gifts? Choosing the right gifs for your bridesmaids can be a very difficult task, so in this article we will talk about some ideas that might help you find the right gifts.

Bridesmaids personalized gifts ideas

Monogrammed gifts

We can all agree that having something around us that has our letters or our names imprinted make us feel meaningful and important. This is why, no matter if it is a hat, or a towel, or a handbag, or a pillowcase, or a necklace, or a shirt, or a frame, or a pair of flip-flops, or a travel kit, or any other thing you can think about, monogrammed wedding gifts for your bridesmaids are a perfect choice. The most wonderful thing about monogrammed personalized wedding gifts is that each of your bridesmaids has her own name on the gift, and not the names of the bride and the groom. Seeing the personalized gifts they received will always make your bridesmaids think about you and your perfect wedding.

Monogrammed bridesmaids wedding gifts

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Edible gifts

If you are one of the people who like to enjoy the present and not get attached to things, or if your bridesmaids love sweets, you could choose personalized edible gifts for them. Different shape cookies, muffins, candies, cakes, truffles, mints are a few of the edible things you can choose to personalize and offer as gifts to your faithful bridesmaids. Edible gifts won’t be a lasting memory of your wedding but they will be a perfect way to sweeten the day of your bridesmaids.

Edible bridesmaids wedding gifts

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Handmade gifts

A perfect way to personalize the gifts for your bridesmaids is to make them yourself. So, if you have a special talent or if you just have a passion for handmade things, consider making the gifts for your bridesmaids by using that talent.  If you are talent is drawing, consider making your bridesmaids portraits. If your talent is writing poetry, consider writing poem for each of your bridesmaids, to express what she means for you. In other words if you know how to make art, use that talent  and make some personalized and unique gifts for your bridesmaids.

Handmade bridesmaids wedding gifts

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Gifts for entertainment and relaxation

Offering your bridesmaids gifts that will help them relax is always a good idea. Your bridesmaids go through stressful time too, while helping you plan your dream wedding, so they could definitely use a day or a weekend at a spa center. But, if your bridesmaids find relaxation in a concert, or theater play or stand-up comedy, or a baseball game or any other entertaining event, you can always buy them tickets to for that specific event. Either way, your bridesmaids will always appreciate the unique gifts they received at your wedding.

Relaxation bridesmaids wedding gifts

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