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I don’t think I have to remind you how stressful it is to plan a wedding, especially if you have had friends who already went through all of this. Some couples, who can afford it, hire a wedding planner and let them deal with all the details of the most important event of their lives.

The bride is known to be the princess of the day, so it is highly important that she looks outstanding on her big day. Everything needs to be perfect and in order to get there you have to avoid some mistakes that most of the brides tend to make. In this article I am going to present you 8 of the most common mistakes that brides make when it comes to their wedding hairstyle.

Choosing a hairstyle that is wrong for your hair

When you look for a wedding hairstyle you have to consider not only the face line and the color of your skin but also the type of hair you have. For example if your hair is silky and fine it is not recommended to make it curly. Or if your hair is long but scanty you shouldn’t let it free on your back. You have to find the best bridal hairstyle that will match your hair too.


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Reproducing the hairstyle from a magazine.

Some hairstyle may look amazing on a magazine, but that doesn’t mean that you should have the exact hairstyle for your wedding day. As each hairstyle should be individualized with your own characteristics, you should use the magazines only as inspiration in order to create the best bridal hairstyle for you. Furthermore, if you see a wonderful hairstyle that one star wore it on the red carpet, it doesn’t mean that that hairstyle would be suited for a wedding.


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Forgetting the wedding’s style.

The style of your wedding and especially your wedding venues has a large influence when it comes to choosing the best bridal hairstyle. For example if you wedding is taking place outdoor you have to consider the wind, humidity, heat or even rain. All these details are very important, as you have to make sure your bridal hairstyle will last during the entire wedding.


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Using too many hair accessories

Being beautiful is a must on your wedding day, but that doesn’t mean that you should exaggerate. The hair accessories are meant to compliment your hairstyle, your face and your makeup and not to put them in the shadow. If you have a bridal gown with many details on it, avoid using pearls, or hairpins that might shine as you will look zany.


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Not trying the hairstyle two week before the wedding

Even if you have had the same hairstylist for years and you trust him/her never give up on trying out the hairstyle you chose for your wedding day. You should have your hair done at home, while you are wearing your bridal gown. Also make sure that you are having your bridal makeup done too. Add the bridal jewelry too and you will have a complete image of how you are going to look on your wedding day. This way you will see if you like or dislike some details, and you still have time to change them.


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Giving up on your wish

Sometimes  you have a hairstyle in mind and your sister, mother or grandmother convinces you have something completely different done. My advice to you is to consider their opinion but to wear what you want, as it is your special day. Don’t give up on your wishes that easily, as you want your wedding day to be special and perfect for you.


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Retouching your hairstyle.

If your just left your hair salon and you notice that a strand of your hair is not how it is supposed to be don’t try to fix it yourself. Always go back to your hairstylist and present your problem. He/she will know better how to fix it without ruining the entire hairstyle.


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Dressing wrong while having your bridal hairstyle done.

If your bridal gown doesn’t have a low-cut large enough so that you can dress up after you had your bridal hairstyle done you should ask your hairstylist to come home and do your hair after you got dressed up. You can always protect your wedding dress by wearing something else on top of it.


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