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The bridal professionals are sure that no woman should start trying on wedding gowns until she has confirmed a few simple logistics. First of all, this is a wedding year time; secondly, this is the place of wedding reception. Both cases are essential to keep any bride from buying a dress which will make her feel wrong on the special day. Thus, it may be a velvet gown for a garden wedding, but a billowing skirt for a tiny restaurant reception. More so, it is not advised to wait too long with starting shopping, as far as it typically takes 4-6 months or even longer to have a dress well-fitted. Indeed, you won’t feel rushed then. Anyway, your wedding dress has to be elegant, chic, utterly unforgettable and, of course, comfortable. Why, isn’t it the happiest day of your life? So, in order not to turn the right fairytale dress choosing into something stressful, here are the exclusive advice from those, whose wedding masterpieces are still discussed.
how to choose your wedding dress

how to choose your wedding dress

Golden Rules of Dress Fitting

  • Go Au Naturel 
    Wear something like moisturizer, if you do not want to leave a lipstick or any foundation marks on your expensive wedding dress.
  • Bring heels
    You will definitely need a pair of comfortable shoes on for such shopping, so as to try them on with all the dresses. This helps much in 2 important things: where the hemline is going to be and how the dress is going to hang.
  • Bring your best friends
    Take a few close friends with you, for forming an objective opinion on your wedding dress. Only ask them to be as honest as possible, while trying each dress on.
  • Bring your notebook
    Choosing among the tons of tulle and silk, you may easily forget what is what. Thus, make detailed notes of the following: the shop’s name, the tried model, your likes and dislikes. Having returned home, you will have clear ideas for narrowing down the list.
  • Just dance 
    You really need to easily move in your dress. So try out a few dance pas, as well as try taking long walks in the shop. It would be a shame if you won’t be able to boogie on your wedding day.
  • Check the lighting
    Ask in the shop if you can go out, in order to check the color in the natural daylight. The point is the dress can be yellowish and skimpy materials can be not sunny on your big day.
  • Imagine the wedding photos
    You could be truly lost with all that choice, so stay focused and avoid any dresses with violet feathers, for example. Simply imagine how you dream looking in your photos.
  • Accept your natural body 
    Forget about miracle diets for squeezing into the dress you really want. Buy a dress that fits perfect; and even if you do lose a few kg through stress, the adjustments will always be made.
how to choose a wedding dress

how to choose a wedding dress

How to Choose a Perfect Wedding Dress:6 Main Aspects to Consider

Your ideal wedding dress should say everything about your individual style. If you love feminine dresses and heels, then your bridal choice should probably be a traditional and full-skirted style. But if you tend to sporty miniskirts, then perhaps your wedding style has to be contemporary. As for the Hollywood inspired brides, they may want ivory chiffon scarf for the ceremony and over their neck for the reception. However, if you like breaking the rules, white color is not for you; so consider modern and cool colored or short-skirted gowns, or maybe even red dresses. By all means, consider the following:

  • Neckline should flatter your body shape, serve to highlight what is missing and enhance your bust.
  • Material should cling unforgiving to every lump and skim your line to perfection.
  • Length should make the most of your stature, no matter whether you are tall or short.
  • Skirt shape should elegantly fall to the floor, giving the illusion of perfect figure.
  • Color should make you look a film star, lifting your skin tone.
  • Details should sparkle with beading and crystals, etc.
how to choose a wedding dress

how to choose a wedding dress


It goes without saying that every bride dreams of looking gorgeous on her wedding day. Whatever her ideal wedding dress is, it is always a good idea to look for a professional opinion. Only this way any woman can be sure that the final creation flatters and fits perfectly, minimizing so-so points and accentuating the best ones.


With respect, Julia Manson
The owner of Wedding Salon in California