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There are many different ideas when we talk about church decor for weddings. Some prefer to use flowers exclusively, while others prefer a combination of flowers and candles when decorating the church. Some prefer candles and/or flowers that are all the same color, as their church decor,  while others prefer to use a combination of colors that match the wedding themes.

Wedding church decoration ideas

Before you make any planning, you need to talk to the church administrator and know about what is allowed and what’s not as church decor for weddings. Some churches don’t allow a use of candles, while some don’t allow you to toss the flower petals. Also make sure that you are permitted to enter the church and decorate it before the ceremony. Depending on the style and ornateness of your wedding, other options include standing displays, aisle runners, pew bows, monogrammed decals, large bouquets and fountains.

Flowers are the most traditional items used as wedding church decoration. Various colorful flowers add a touch of elegance and grace to the wedding ceremony. They can be used as accents, or as a beautiful background for wedding pictures, or to decorate the archways and entrances.

Candles are also romantic ideas for wedding church decoration. Candle decor for your church adds a bit of warm light to the evening wedding ceremony. Candles are available in a huge variety of colors, shapes and sizes. They go well with any wedding theme. Some prefer to use the candelabra by the altar, in the windows or in place of pew bows.

Wedding decorations for church pews are a crucial part of your final church decor for your wedding. They can be decorated using beautiful flowers, ribbons and tulle. You can also decorate the church pews using draping gossamer or organza, floral balls, horseshoes, dried wreaths, mini wicker baskets with petals, corded lasso, beach pails with seashells and shovels, or small umbrellas hung upside down, filled with flowers.

You may use movable columns or pillars for attractive floral arrangements for an unique church decor for your wedding. You have to keep the arrangements close to the altar and put on pedestals, this way the photos will have the floral arrangements framing important photography shots, such as the lighting of the unity candle, etc. A decorated arch can be placed before the altar area at the end of the pews. Weave tulle and green garland or lights around the communication rails and stair banisters represent some perfect ideas for wedding church decorations. Large sculptures placed in the altar area offer more decorative look.

The church I am getting married in is going to look wonderful in my wedding day. I will have large floral arrangements put on pedestals close to the altar. There will be also floral bouquets, ribbons and tulle decorating the church’s pews. I’m also thinking about using candelabra by the altar to create a warm light and an intimate atmosphere