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Years ago a new wedding tradition was born. This tradition assumes thanking or greeting guests at a wedding ceremony with wedding favors.  These gifts serve as a token and memoir of the day that the couple takes the sacred vow of marriage. Although wedding favors is not a requirement for your wedding, it is hard to omit them when making your ceremony selections.

First step to do when choosing your creative wedding favors is establishing your budget. You need to think about a realistic budget and stick to it. Depending on the number of the guests and the budget you have established you will buy cheaper or more expensive wedding favors. If you are on a budget you can be creative and make your own personalized wedding favors that can also serve as a part of the decoration for the reception hall.

Most of the weddings have a theme. When choosing your best wedding favors it would be nice to make sure they are creative and suitable for your wedding theme. For example, if your wedding venue is on a beach you can give candles to your guests, embellished with something creative of a tropical mood. Also, it would be best for your wedding favors to have the same colors as those used in your wedding decorations.

It is always advisable to choose editable wedding favors. As most of your guest would enjoy editable gifts that can be eaten, you should consider being creative and choose cookies, chocolates, candies, mints, hams, honey, pies or anything else you have in mind. If you are on a budget, you should consider some inexpressive wedding favors These accessories are simple and can be made by the couple. You can choose plain white, small bottles of bubbles, or you can print a label with the couple’s name and date to place around the bottle.

Some couples choose a more custom wedding favor. In this case you should get creative and imprint candies, or a poem written by the bride and groom, or a picture of the couple. You can always create a CD for your guests that include some of the bride of the groom favorite songs. If you are expecting children at your wedding party, don’t make them feel left aside. Prepare favors that they will appreciate best, such as goodies bags of candies and lollipops, story booklets, coin banks, board games, or puzzles.

In my country this tradition is very young, but I know I am going to have creative wedding favors at my wedding. I was thinking about a little silver bell, with a spiral tale where we can put a thank you card for our guests. I believe that it is inexpressive and the fact that we can attach a card makes it personal. I have attached an image for you to have a better idea about my wedding favor. Hope you will like it.Silver bell