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Although napkins might not be the first thing on your wedding planning list, when it comes down to it, you want to make sure you don’t forget about them.

Personalized wedding napkins

Table napkins are one of the smallest details of the wedding reception, but custom printed wedding napkins can definitely make a hit on every place setting and can make a wonderful keepsake for everyone. You can make your wedding reception more special with custom printed wedding napkins that sit beautifully next to the plate of each guest.

Personalized color for your wedding napkins

On way to make sure that you wedding napkins are customized is by having them in your favourite color. Usually people choose their wedding cocktail napkins to have just one color, but there are also couples who like their wedding napkins to be customized in two or more colors. Either way, just make sure that the color of your wedding napkins matches the color of all the other decoration items.

Customized wedding napkins color

Customized wedding napkins color (source:

Personalized folded wedding napkins

Usually cocktail wedding napkins come in a few common shapes: simple square or rectangle, or triangle, or rolled. But there are creative ideas to personalize your wedding napkins: for example you can fold them in different shapes. Wedding napkins can be folded into all kinds of different shapes to make an interesting statement at a wedding reception. Some folded napkin designs for weddings include the crown, swan, French pleat, rose and opera fan, all set on the plate.

Customized wedding napkins folded

Customized wedding napkins folded (source: )

Personalized design for your wedding napkins

Another way to customize your wedding napkins is by having them printed with something that is relevant to you or your relationship. There are many printings you can choose from to customize your wedding napkins: you can write your name and your wedding date, or you can add only a monogram, or you can add a picture, or a symbol.

Customized wedding napkins printed

Customized wedding napkins printed (source: )

Add a napkin ring

There are countless design options when it comes to personalizing wedding napkins with napkin rings. Napkin rings can be as simple or as intricate as you like. One custom napkin ring idea is to tie satin ribbons in the wedding’s theme colors around a napkin. This can be a plain satin ribbon or a personalized ribbon inscribed with the names of the bride and groom. Another custom napkin ring idea is to have them printed with the same design you chose for your wedding napkins.

Customized wedding napkins ring

Customized wedding napkins ring (source: