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Having edible items included in your wedding is more and more common nowadays. Although having edible decorations at your wedding seems a little bit difficult, it is easier than you ever thought. If you want to make them yourself, you need to go shopping, cook, buy the right saucepan sets, and choose the perfect wine. But you can always decide what you want and hire the right people to provide it for you. Here are 4 ideas of edible wedding decorations that could make your day special.

Wedding table centerpieces

When it comes to wedding table centerpieces, flowers are the first thing that comes in mind. Then you think of green centerpieces, and maybe about nice arrangements with sand and candle. But why not have a nice arrangement made of edible items. Fruits, chocolate, candies and cookies could be exactly what you need. If I were to choose I would have nice centerpieces made of fruits that can be dipped into a the chocolate fountain.

Wedding cake topper

Edible cake toppers are a little more common among wedding cakes. No matter if we talk about the classic bride and groom cake topper, or if we go with something different, like butterflies, seahorses, love birds, dears, flowers, or even buttons, they can all be personalized to match your wedding theme and your color scheme.

Wedding favors

When I think about edible wedding favors two things come up into my mind: cookies and chocolate. And although both of them are perfect as favors, there are so many others edible favors that you can choose from. A few ideas are: honey jars, little fruit baskets, personalized nut packages, or even home cooked cookies. Let your imagination free and you would be surprised what it can bring you.

Wedding garter

Although not all the brides would agree to wear an edible wedding garter, I must admit I love the idea. It is true that wearing a garter that can melt any moment because of your body temperature isn’t every bride’s dream, but there are ways to do it. If you have a chocolate garter, you put it on just before the moment when your garter becomes the point of attention at your reception. All you have to do is dare to be different.