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If you decide to make your own personalized basket for your flower girl, here are some ideas of things you can do.

Dress Up a White Basket. White baskets are often used by flower girls. You can stick with this traditional look while making the basket unique for your wedding. You can make your white basket have an individualized look by having it painted by an artist to match your wedding theme.


Ribbon lacing. Pick color-coordinating ribbons to weave in a woven basket or tie to the exterior of a non-woven basket. Use the color wheel to help determine a coordinating color that will stand out, but still look fantastic in pictures. For example, for a purple color theme use lime green ribbon. Use extra ribbon to make large side bows attached to the handles of the basket and allow the extra fabric to drape down from the sides of the basket.


Metal or plastic pails. Pails can create an unusual look. Plastic pails are perfect for a wedding with a beach theme or a ceremony being held right on the beach. Make the plastic pail look beautiful by gluing on seashells to its exterior.


Flowers.¬†Create a stunning flower basket by gathering a generous quantity of lilies or orchids, ensuring their stems are long and uniform. After clearing the stems of leaves and trimming them to the same length, bundle the flowers together with the trimmed ends at the bottom and the blooms at the top. Secure the bundle with a rubber band, and for added durability, strategically use hot glue in random places, making it a sturdy and elegant arrangement. Enhance the aesthetic by hot gluing a ribbon for a handle, attaching a sizable bow to the front, and reinforcing the bundle with twine. Craft this beautiful floral masterpiece with the precision and care it deserves, ensuring to keep the flowers fresh by preparing the basket either on the day of the event or the night before. And if you’re looking for quality hot glue supplies, consider checking out Glue Guns Direct for all your crafting needs.


Hats. Hats are a different flower basket idea. Turn the hat upside down so the flowers can be held in the interior of the hat. Use a chin strap for the handle or sew on a handle of your own. Just about any type of hat can be used.


Be echo. If you want a rustic look for an outdoor or old fashioned style wedding, try one making a rustic buckets. It looks like a butter churn or a handmade ice cream maker.


Use gourds. A white pumpkin or large gourd can be hollowed out and used as a flower girl basket for fall weddings. Attach a handle to the top, such as a woven basket handle with floral wire. You can paint the gourd any color or simply leave it unadorned.