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Baskets for flower girls can be as varied as wedding themes. Some baskets are traditional, such as the baskets used to hold magazines in your home, while other baskets tie into the specific theme the couple chose for their wedding. If you’re not sure what type of baskets you’d like the littlest members of the wedding party to carry, consider some outside-of-the-box ideas.


Cost. Flower girl baskets can cost anywhere from $30 to $80, sometimes more. Cost depends on the style, design and where you purchase them. It’s always a good idea to look around to see what’s available in your price range so that you can get the best deal.


Size. The size of the basket is one of the first things to consider. The flower girl basket should not be too bulky for the flower girl to carry. A bulky basket will hinder the throwing of the flowers.


Design. The flower girls dress and the flower girls basket should match the theme and colors in your wedding. Choose a design that will go well with your wedding colors. Traditional weddings are usually white.

flowergirl_basket design

Shape. Traditional flower girl baskets come in four shapes – round, fan-shaped, inverted hat-shaped and square shaped. It’s your wedding and if you like you can come up with something unique to your taste.

flowergirl_basket_shapeStyle. For the conventional wedding, you can go with a more traditional style by using lace tied around the basked. You may also want to think about trying something different by using fabrics such as white satin, velvet, brocade or silk.


Age of your flower girl. If she is under five years of age she will need a basket that is easy to hold such as a plain round one. For older girls a fan-shaped flower girl basket or the inverted hat-style of basket will work. For a more formal wedding use white lace or satin for the baskets.


Color. Red, purple and pink are traditional colors whereas the blend of aqua and brown have a more sophisticated look. For an elegant look choose a special design or flower to be attached to the side of the basket.