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Choosing the right wedding dress for your style, body size, and dreams might be a very difficult task. No matter if you wear that dress only once in your life, you need to make sure that it is your dream dress and that it will make you look gorgeous an your wedding day. In this article we are going to talk about some tips on how to choose your wedding dress.

 How to Choose Your Wedding Dress

Decide on a silhouette

We all know that wedding dresses are made in several different silhouettes, so before you choose a wedding dress, you have to know which type of gown will flatter your figure the best. You can rely on professional photos of models wearing wedding gowns, or you can ask for a real parade of wedding dresses. This way you can see easier which silhouette would suit you best.

Think about your venue

Considering your wedding venue when choosing your wedding gown is very important, as you need a wedding dress style that will suit the venue. It’s no good buying an elaborate dress with a full skirt, enormous train and veil if you are planning on walking barefoot to the water’s edge for your ceremony.

Think about the season

You have to consider the time of the year you are getting married. You have to choose a lighter fabric for summer or a long-sleeved style for winter. You don’t want to go blue from the cold on your wedding day.

Think about your skin color

We all know that wedding dresses come in very many shades of white cream and gold. Before choosing the color of your wedding dress, ask for professional advice, because you want that dress to make  you glow, not to make you look like a shade.

Consider your circumstances

Formal ceremonies usually call for floor length dresses and long trains, while informal ceremonies are a terrific place to wear a shorter gown without a train at all. If you’re having a beach wedding in the middle of July, you may not want to wear a heavy fabric like duchess satin.

Think about the fit and the fabric

As you will be spending a lot of time in your wedding dress you have to feel relaxed and comfortable in it. You should be able to sit, kneel and dance comfortably while wearing it. When choosing the fit and the fabric of your wedding dress remember the number of meters are going to be used to make your wedding, and the amount of work needed to make your wedding gown look amazing. This way you will have an idea about how much your wedding dress is going to cost.

Making or hiring a dress

If you are on a tight budget and you can’t afford a designer there are other options for you. Some designers offer ‘off-the-peg’ garments for sale and others may make the dress for you and charge you a hiring fee only.


It is highly fashionable to decorate your wedding dress. Some brides choose bead-work, others choose sparkle and crystals, and others prefer embroidery or patterned fabrics. The decorations you choose may have the same color as your wedding dress, or different color, in order to introduce a contrast.


Necklines are important, as they will draw attention to your upper body. Your bust, face, neck and shoulders can all be accentuated or downplayed by the shape of the top part of the dress. Most brides choose low round or scooped neckline, but for a bride with great shoulders it is advisable to go with a halt-neck. A high round neck or slash-neck dress will look best on a bride with a small bust