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When planning a wedding, one can never factor in all of the possible things that can happen, it just is not feasible to do so. On those occasions, when what you least expect to happen actually does, the money invested into the wedding can easily be lost. One may think that you can not actually insure a wedding like you can insure a car, your life, or a vacation. Or, can you?

How it All Works

After seeing a number of weddings they had planned get derailed by unexpected events, a group of wedding planners came up with the brilliant idea of providing wedding assurance guarantees to their clients. With this added to the standard contract, a surprising thing happened: they actually gained even more business because of it. The fact that everything within the contract was being personally guaranteed by the wedding planner, along with the option of receiving a percentage of their money back, made the brides-to-be extremely happy, and more confident.

What Is Covered

The types of events that had originally inspired adding the wedding assurance clause to their contracts came about mainly because of venues suddenly cancelling events, or even closing their doors. Taking it a few steps further, other potential wedding disasters have been added to the coverage lists over the years. Things like venue cancellations, catering failures and photographer bailing are covered to a point. Should any of these happen, the planners will do their best to find replacements, or they will refund the costs back to the bride.

Qualifying Coverage

In order for a venue, or vendor, to be included within the scope of this guarantee, those that are contacted to provide services for the wedding must be informed of an additional rider of assurance, and agree to participate. The rider essentially states that the vendor or venue agrees to notify the wedding planner in advance, usually at least two weeks, of their inability to perform. They also have to agree to reimburse the planner the full amount of the deposit, plus a penalty.

Additional Details on Coverage

As with all other kinds of insurance policies, there will be some things that will not be covered of course. Things like illness on the part of the bride or groom, inability to appear of the bride or groom, or acts of God in the form of storms are not covered. And, while the planners will do their best to arrange replacements, they do not guarantee the quality of those replacements, especially in comparison to original choices.

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