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There are thousands of species of flowers in this world. From the most popular to the most exotic, flowers with strange names have millions of colors, shades, shapes, flavors. But although the variety of the flowers is so wide, in the end 5 are the most popular wedding flowers that brides choose for their wedding decorations.

5 popular wedding flowers


Roses are known to be the ultimate symbol of love, passion and true and profound feelings and emotions. As the legend says roses were meant to be the most beautiful flowers in the world, ever since they were created by Chloris, the goodness of flowers. No matter the color of the roses you use for your wedding decorations the feeling they will pass to your wedding guests will be regarding love, happiness and joy.


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Calla lilies

No matter if they are white, lilac, beige, orange, yellow or purple callas are the most popular wedding flowers when it comes to elegance, style and luxury. Callas are one of the most popular wedding flowers used for cascade bridal bouquets or wedding table centerpieces.


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It is said that each color of tulips has a special meaning of a strong emotions. The red tulips symbolize love declarations, the yellow tulips remind us about jealous lovers and the beige tulips make us think about eternal love. But no matter the color, tulips are a symbol of innocence, purity and true love and this is why they are so popular wedding flowers. Here is where you can find the most beautiful flowers around the world.


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Madagascar Jasmine

This flower is also known as Stephanotis and it is a very special flower species, characterized by a very strong perfume, small and waxy petals and a pure white. The Jasmine are also believed to be the flower that symbolizes the happiness in a marriage and this is what recommends it as one of the most popular wedding flowers.


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The colors and the shades of this flower can vary from green to blue, to pale shades of ping and to red. As the flower grows older it gets a pale shade of brown. Their globe shape makes them popular wedding flowers used for the bridesmaids bouquets or for table centerpieces.


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