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The most central part of any wedding, without a doubt is the wedding dress, but essentially one of the most important elements to get right is an Intimate Wedding Event Venue. Choosing the right wedding venue can make a difference between simply a good wedding and a super wedding day the bride & groom, family and guests will savor long after the event.

Setting the scene for the momentous occasion, the wedding venue needs to suit your personality and requirements, as well as accommodate your guests. Once you have the formalities taken care of, the venue is also the place where you can really begin to relax and enjoy your day and have fun with your guests.

Historic Wedding Venue

For the full on romantic experience stately homes, country houses and even castles will add a fairytale atmosphere to your special day. Stately homes are a great choice for combining both the service and receptions, and often have rooms available for those guests who have traveled any distance to attend. Also a good option for winter weddings where photographs can be taken indoors, stately homes and castles offer a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to enjoy the use of a stunning building with fireplaces and sweeping staircases as a dramatic backdrop.

Hotel Wedding Venue

There are endless choices for hotel venues from traditional to ultra modern.  Having rooms available at the wedding venue is always a plus too. Think about what is particularly special to you and your partner and try and incorporate this into your venue. If you share a hobby or are both passionate about something, whether it be music, sports, food; try and incorporate this into part of the event, making your wedding venue as personal and original as possible will make the day truly about the two of you.

Outdoor Wedding Venue

A popular choice, especially for summer time weddings is to go for an outdoor venue. Fresh air and a sunny sky are the perfect accompaniment to your day, and marquee hire can help to transform any outdoor area into a chic wedding venue. Easy to style into any theme, from Mad Hatter Tea Party to Vintage 60s occasion, an outdoor wedding can give you a lot of control over the day. There are several things to consider, making sure there is a contingency plan in case the weather turns bad, a marquee should suffice and ground protection to be sure that guests can walk freely around the venue safely with no risk of muddy pathways or slippage. A large footfall can quickly turn ground into mud, which is the last thing you want on your special day, get more tips by reading this Designed Dream wedding and event planning.

Close to Home Wedding Venue

If you are more the traditional couple and wish to celebrate your marriage close to where you live or to where the bride grew up then a local restaurant or pub is perfect for a wedding venue. For those who enjoy the comfort of being near home you have familiar surroundings to organize the day and get ready on the all important wedding day. If your wedding party is small and consists mostly of intimate friends and family then a close to home venue makes it easier for guests to attend the wedding and will provide an intimate atmosphere to make your chosen guests feel special.

There are many other options from football clubs to docked ships, whichever wedding venue you choose make sure it is what you both want, and that it will cater for the number of guests you are going to invite. Once your venue is organized then you can be safe in the knowledge that the most important part of the day is planned, now have fun with the details, and remember to enjoy the experience.

Contributed by Simon Hayes from who offer a wide range of ground protection products and services for weddings and events.