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Wedding albums represent, among other things, a retrospective on your wedding day and on your life. Your personalized wedding album is not only a collection of photos from your wedding day, but it is your style, your profession or your hobby. When creating your custom wedding album you should consider more than just simple arrangement of your wedding photos; you should consider your belief and your favorite things. Here are some ideas about how to combine your life style with your wedding photos to create a perfect personalized wedding album.

Modern digital wedding album

Although most people would like to have an actual wedding album, to be able to hold it and turn the pages, there are people who would like their wedding album to be a little bit nontraditional, personalized. For all those people, and for people passionate about computers and IT, having a personalized digital wedding album is a great choice. A  custom digital wedding album allows you to upload your wedding picture and create a personalized slide show that will run continuously.  A  digital wedding album not only that is custom and fancy, but it can be placed somewhere around the house where you can always see it. This way you will always have around the memories of your wedding day and you don’t have to dig somewhere around the house to find it. In the mean time, all your house guests will be able to see and admire your personalized digital wedding album.

Hobby themed wedding album

Who among us doesn’t have a hobby? And who among us doesn’t want to make things around them reflect their hobby? I am a person with two hobbies and I would surely like to surround myself with items and details that reflect those hobbies. If you have a hobby that you really love, make your wedding album personalized in such way to reflect that hobby. For example if you are passionate about traveling, create a map themed custom wedding album. Each of your wedding photos can be carefully put on a map that represents the road of your journey together from the first moment you met till today. And at the end you could have a few empty pages that will be filled with picture from your future adventure. If you are passionate about movies and films, make your personalized wedding album look like an old video tape.

Echo-friendly wedding album

Since echo-friendly and green are the most popular words around the world, why not consider having an echo-friendly wedding and an echo-friendly personalized wedding album. Echo-friendly wedding albums are usually handmade. The personalized echo-friendly wedding albums are usually made using recycled paper and have vintage designs that remind you of nature. Most of the covers are also made of recycled cardboard, or even of actual wood, engraved with your choice of words.

Newspaper themed wedding album

Having a newspaper themed custom wedding album can be a little out of the ordinary, but I surely love the idea. For those brides that work in mass media, or are passionate about magazines and newspapers having a personalized newspaper themed wedding album could be an excellent choice. Have your wedding album made in a custom magazine or newspaper design and add your wedding photos with a short article that describes in a funny or journalistic way the events. You can make your wedding look like an amazing newspaper story by adding some facts to draw the attention.

Custom shape for your wedding album

We all know that wedding albums come in two main shapes, square and rectangle. But if you really want, you can make it in any shape you want. For example, I know a couple who was really passionate about soccer so they decided to have a soccer themed wedding, and they had their wedding album in a round shape. It is a little difficult to create, and it is going to be more expensive, but if money is not a problem, and you want to make a statement with your personalized wedding album, this is the perfect way to do it.

All the girls dream about their wedding date as the most perfect day of their life. But a wedding is more than a perfect day; a wedding represents a lifetime of memories captured by wedding photography professionals. One way to preserve all the important details of your special event is to wrap all the pictures into a personalized wedding photo album.

How to personalize your wedding album

Personalized cover fabric for wedding albums

Wedding albums come in a variety of covers starting with lather covers and ending with wood covers. Deciding the fabric of your wedding album can be tricky as there are many factors you should think about. When choosing the fabric for your personalized wedding albums think about your own style, your wedding style, your wedding theme, your hobbies or event the trends of that time. For example, my sister’s personalized wedding album has elegant plasticized cardboard covers.

Personalized covers for wedding albums

Personalized covers for wedding albums

Personalized cover design for wedding albums

When talking about the design of your wedding album covers your imagination can go as far as you want. There are thousands of ideas to help you make the right choice. Form classic elegant black and white design to modern city themed design, any design you have in mind can be made, in order to ensure your personalized wedding album. No matter the design you choose, just make sure it has a picture of the two of you on it; it is your wedding album after all.



Personalized photo arrangement for wedding albums

Although deciding the design of your wedding album pages should be the work of the people making your album, you can always have your own personalized photo arrangement. When deciding the arrangement of your wedding photos let your artistic side get involved. Although it seems pretty simple, creating the perfect design is an art and if you lack artistic skills you should consider asking for professional help.

Personalized-photo-arrangement for wedding albums

Personalized-photo-arrangement for wedding albums

Personalized page design for wedding albums

Deciding your photo arrangement for your personalized wedding album is a difficult step, but after making it, you have to think about how the space between the pictures should look like. I personally believe that you should consider your wedding theme, or the season of your wedding to create a nice and elegant design. But you can always choose to have other picture in a pale shade covering that space. Another option is to have no free space; you could decide to arrange the photos so that they cover the entire page.

Personalized design for wedding albums

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