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If you are having a ceremony that not all of your guests will be familiar with, such as a religious ceremony or a unique ceremony that incorporates cultural rites, you may want to consider putting together a wedding program. The more all your guests feel involved with your wedding, the more likely they’ll have a great time.

wedding printed programs

Who makes them?

Usually, you let the supplier of your invitations handle this so that your printed materials will have the same look. You may have the same theme but if your stuff is provided by different suppliers, there is a chance that they won’t look quite the same.

wedding printed programs

Printed Programs Price

The price for your wedding printed programs depends on your supplier, on the theme, fabric, and the design you choose. You might be able to get some discounts if you choose to print your programs at the same place where you printed your wedding invitations, your thank you cards, and your placements cards.

wedding printed programs

Printed Programs Design

Some programs are folded in half, whereas others have a tri-fold like a brochure. Many programs don’t have any folds and feature several pieces of paper neatly held together with a ribbon or other embellishment. Whether you choose to create a program that’s bound with a wax seal or a single sheet of paper just make sure that you add special touches, such as favorite poems, quotes, or photographs, to help all your guest get to know you as a couple better.

wedding printed programs design


Your wedding printed program should include the following elements: full name of bride, full name of groom, name of the officiant, date, time, place, introduction (optional), order of ceremony, words to hymns or songs (optional), titles and composers of musical selections, names of performers (singers, musicians, readers), names of the wedding party and a thank you for your guests.

wedding printed programs information

Presenting them

Since wedding programs can come in unusual shapes, sizes, and colors, they can be presented in various ways. If your wedding is taking place outdoor, you can choose to put a program on each chair and set a few pieces of colored sea glass on top to keep them from blowing away. You can also ask a friend or family member to greet guests and hand out programs as they arrive.

wedding printed programs prezenting

A fantastic and unique way to introduce a real wow at your wedding is by choosing to have an ice sculpture as your main centerpiece. Ice sculptures are not only very photogenic, but they can be touched and will be admired by all who see them, or they can allow you to serve cold drinks at all time during your reception.

Wedding Ice Sculpture

Wedding Ice Sculpture (source: )

Find the carver

One way to find a professional carver is to ask around all your friends and family for referrals. You can also find a carver on the internet, but before hiring him/her make sure that the cost is worth. If you are having your reception at a hotel, or in a reputable restaurant, they might have on ice carver among their personnel.  As soon as you decide on one ice carver, contact him/her and decide on the ice sculpture.


Picture source:

Ice Sculpture Cost

If you are choosing a classical one block ice sculpture, you should expect to pay anywhere between 400 to 600 $, for your ice sculpture (with everything included). The price varies if you want the ice sculpture decorated with flowers, balloons, candles, or lightening displays.

Wedding ice sculpture

Wedding ice sculpture (source: )

How long it lasts

Depending on the design of your ice sculpture, you can typically expect it to look good for approximately 5 to 7 hours, when in a controlled 70 degree environment. If your wedding will be an outdoor event, exposure to the elements will reduce the lasting time of your ice sculpture to less than 5 hours.

Wedding Ice Sculpture

Wedding Ice Sculpture (source: )

Ice Sculpture Style

When you choose the style of your ice sculpture you have to decide if you want to go with the most common picks, or you want your ice sculpture to meet your wedding theme and style. For example, if you are having a Paris themed wedding, an ice sculpture representing The Eifel Tour is the best choice. If you are choosing a classical ice sculpture, here are the most common choices:

Wedding ice sculpture Tour Eiffel

Wedding ice sculpture Tour Eiffel (source:

Cherub Ice Sculptures

Cherubs are a timeless classic for weddings, and offer a number of options for a sculpture. You can choose two cherubs holding a banner or heart, or add musical instruments for a cute twist. To make your cherubs ice sculpture functional you can add an ice luge feature that can be used to dispense drinks at your reception.

Wedding ice sculpture cherub

Wedding ice sculpture cherub (source:

Heart Ice Sculptures

Hearts are another classic, and can be as simple or elaborate as you like – choose a series of interlinked hearts for a breathtaking centerpiece on the bridal table, or choose smaller hearts for all tables. You could even position a giant heart or two at the entrance of your reception venue for a romantic touch.

wedding ice sculpture heart

wedding ice sculpture heart (source: )

Swan Sculptures

Swans are always an instant hit, as they offer the classical romantic view. Nothing could be more romantic than a pair of entwined swans. If you want to have your guests mesmerized, place on the bridal table or at the entrance of your reception a swan sculpture, made entirely of ice.

Favorite Characters

If you have always secretly dreamed of a Beauty and the Beast themed wedding, or a Little Mermaid under the sea wedding, then a life-like ice sculpture of your favorite character will be the ultimate way to bring your dream wedding to life.


Picture source:

Bride and Groom’s Names

If you want an ice sculpture, but you also want to keep it simple, choose a design that has your names sculpted in ice.

Wedding ice sculpture name

Wedding ice sculpture name (source:

Functional Ice Sculptures

Most of the couples choose to have an ice sculpture that is also a functional piece. For example, use an ice luges to pour cocktails, or serve champagne and snacks on a layer platter made of ice.

ice sculpture functional

ice sculpture functional (source:

So you are planning your wedding and you need something out of the ordinary to make all your friends envy you? I have the right idea for you: include a hot air balloon in your wedding. Whether you choose to have your wedding in a hot air balloon, or you just want to make your entrance at the wedding in a hot air balloon, or you just want to leave the wedding on a hot air balloon, this is the perfect way to show all your guests that you know how to make your day special.

hot air balloon wedding

If you choose to have the ceremony in a hot air balloon there are a few option for you. You can hold an intimate wedding ceremony in a basket to accommodate the bride, groom, best man, maid of honor, photographer and parents. Decorate the basket with flowers and white twinkle lights. Or, if the law allows you, you can hold an intimate ceremony, with only the bride and groom, and the officiant, and have the wedding party follow the balloon on their cars, so they can be there when the balloon lands and greet the newly married couple.

hor air balloon wedding

If you chose to have your wedding ceremony on an open air location, you could make your entrance on a hot air balloon. You can have the groom wait for the bride at the altar, and the bride and her father can come by the balloon, while bridal march is singing.

hot air balloon wedding

If your honey moon destination isn’t very far away from your wedding venue location, you can choose to travel by a hot air balloon after the ceremony. You had the wedding ceremony, you had the wedding party, you threw your wedding bouquet; the stress is gone and now you can enjoy a ride on a hot air balloon.

hot air balloon wedding

If you want to take it to the extreme, you can choose the hot air balloon as you wedding theme, and have your decoration fallow the theme. Starting with your wedding invitation, and ending with your table centerpieces, you can make sure that all the details have a hot air balloon included in the design.

hot air balloon theme

For those brides who want their wedding day to be a fairy tale, a carriage bulled by horses is the best way to create the atmosphere. No matter if you want to feel like Cinderella, or like the Queen of UK, you can find a carriage to fit your theme.

The Glass Carriage. This carriage seats up to four adults and two children in style and comfort.  If you are looking for one more reason to choose this carriage at your wedding, keep in mind that this is the carriage that all the royal couples in UK used at their weddings.

carriage glass

Open Landau Carriage. This is another carriage that would make you feel like royalty when you ride it. The carriage has a convertible roof to keep any unwanted weather out and to make sure you day will be perfect.

carriage open landau

Wagonette Carriage. If you want some of your wedding party to ride along on your wedding day, the Wagonette carriage should be your choice.  Built on a wagon frame, this carriage has seats in the passenger compartment along both sides. This way you can have all the close family and friends ride with you in your wedding carriage.

carriage vagonette

The Gig Carriage. A gig carriage is a small two-wheeled horse-drawn carriage with two seats and no hood. This carriage is chosen by couples who would rather be their own footman, as it offers only two seats. Some of them offer covered seats, so you don’t have to worry about the weather.

carriage gig

The Spider Phaeton. A spider phaeton is a very high carriage of light construction, with a covered seat in front and a footman’s seat behind. In the past this phaeton was used for gentlemen, but nowadays you can use it for all kinds of events, including a wedding.

carriage spider phaeton

Vis a Vis Carriage. The vis a vis wedding carriage is the most common carriage used at weddings. The design offers the possibility of the bride and the groom to ride in the same carriage seating one in front of the other, accompanied by their parents or by their best men and bridesmaids.

carriage vis a vis

Cinderella Carriage. If you feel that you have been found by a prince or if you just want to feel what Cinderella felt when she went to the ball and danced with the prince, choosing a Cinderella carriage for your wedding is the best way to do it. Having the shape of a pumpkin, the Cinderella carriage helps you to create the romantic atmosphere you want at your wedding.

carriage cinderella

Choosing the horses for your wedding carriage is another aspect you need to think about. Most of the companies that lend the carriages can offer you a variety of horses or ponies to choose from.  Also you have to see if the carriage you chose is use with a single horse or with two horses or even with six horses.

carriage six horse

Throwing things at a newly married couple is a very old tradition that may date back to ancient Rome or Egypt or even further back. The custom is intended to give newlyweds good luck, and most of the items thrown at the couple represent fertility and abundance.

release doves 1

In the past, couples have opted for being showered with grains of rice as a wish for a large harvest or a new family.  Today some popular and classic alternatives are the release of pure white doves and colorful butterflies.

release butterfly 1

Dove releases

White doves at weddings symbolize a celebration, new beginnings, peace, love and serenity. Doves choose one partner for life and make this commitment until death. Wedding doves can represent eternal life, love, happiness and unity.

The release of doves during a wedding ceremony is a moving experience, perfectly suited to the overall mood of the day and the meaning of marriage. The doves can be released at various times during the wedding day. They can be released by the newlyweds as they exit the ceremony to the cheers of well wishers and family. There are couples that choose to release the doves during the photo session after the vows. If the reception is held outside the doves can be released at the cutting of the cake. They can be released all at the same time, or two by two.

The trained white doves, ranging in number from two to 20, circle the couple and then fly away, denoting the newlyweds’ departure from their families and toward life’s new journey. It is said that if doves are seen on your wedding day it will assure a happy home, good fortune, and ever- lasting love.

release doves 2

Butterfly releases

Releasing butterflies in a fairly new trend that can add a lively touch to your wedding. Throughout many cultures, butterflies symbolize transformation and beauty, and therefore, they are a perfect complement to a celebration of marriage.

There is a legend that goes around about the butterfly releases. According to the legend, to make a wish you must capture a butterfly and whisper to it your wish. The butterfly then keeps that wish secret and takes the wish to the Great Spirit.

The butterflies can be released at a chosen time during the wedding day. They can be released when the couple exits the ceremony, or during the photo session, or during their first dance, or when the couple is cutting the cake. The bride and groom can choose to release all the butterflies themselves or opt for individual boxes with a butterfly for each guest to release.

release butterfly 2

No matter if you choose doves or butterflies to be released on your wedding day, just make sure you are thinking about a wish when they are released. You never know, it might come true!