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The bridal shower is the perfect occasion for a bride to spend a relaxed time with her family and friends before the wedding day. It is generally organized by a family member, bridesmaids or maid of honor. This is also considered as a gift giving party where guests bring gifts for the bride with best wishes for the coming life. If you are planning the bridal shower in the month of October then why not take advantage of the upcoming holiday, and plan a Halloween themed bridal shower. There are some Halloween elements which you can incorporate to host a nice and unique bridal shower.


You can easily find Halloween decoration in the market. You can make it bright and dramatic with  the following things.

  • Use the icons like ghosts, witches, pumpkins, witch caps and skeletons  to send the invitations;
  • Decorate  your front door with an “enter at your own risk!” look;
  • Use the same icons as said before for the decoration. Arrange big pumpkins all over the entrance and also scatter dry leaves all over the ground. Black and orange tulle tablecloths with black roses will work great for the occasion;
  • Arrange scary masks for your guests;
  • Arrange one heart shape coffin  and use skeletons dressed like the bride and groom;
  • Also take care of the cake and decorate it in the weird Halloween style;
  • For bride’s attire, use a big witch cap with a black veil.

Use your imagination to make the place look more scary and weird.  Tell your guests to dress like a Corpse or zombie, ghosts and witches so they can also be a part of the decoration.




For Halloween treat, there are so many options available. Use pumpkin and apple to make juice, squashes and other dishes. Decorate cakes and cupcakes according to the theme. You can use black veil with spider web to decorate the cake.  Make Halloween cookies, Eyeball Martini, sandwiches with scary faces, pasta salads, Bloody Marys, orange soda, pumpkin soup and other dishes, which you like.



Bridal shower games are also important as they are an excellent ice breaker.  You can play one minute games with your guests. Haunted scavenger hunt, vampire kiss, clap-clap etc. are a must have. Also arrange Eldritch and creepy prices for the winners.


At a bridal shower, the bride is supposed to receive gifts. Hence you can keep the tradition of bridal shower wishing well as well. Register for the things you need now or after the wedding.  Guests can bring the gifts packed  with scary gift wraps for the occasion.

It would be a very nice idea to celebrate bridal shower and Halloween together. So arrange your party with this theme and have fun.

Author’s Bio: Joseph is the representative of, an online gift registry.  He is a  highly motivated and creative entrepreneur with leadership, project management and information technology experience.