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In order to make sure you make an informed decision when choosing a wedding dress, you have to know a little something about the styles of wedding dresses that are on the market. In this article, I gathered the most common styles for wedding dresses so that you can see them and decide which one suits you best.

Best Wedding Dress for Your Body Type

 The Apple style for wedding dresses

When you talk about someone having an apple body type you don’t mean that she/he is overweight; it means a slightly rounded figure with hips waist and similar shoulder widths, slim and toned arms and legs.

Although it is said that for an apple waist you should choose a bodice worn with A-lie skirt, there are also designers who recommend a beeline for the bias cut for those who have a super slim stature. So, the best wedding dress for this body type is a longer-length dress, like the ultra-straight column dress for brides with slim stature.

apple shape wedding dress

The Hourglass style for wedding dresses

Characterized by hips and shoulders of the same width and a well-defined waist, the hourglass body type is the closest thing to the perfect figure. This body type is known to be the easiest to dress because it can be adapted to suit every figure. Many stars like Marilyn Monroe or Kate Wiglets have chosen this style.

The hourglass style for wedding dresses has been created to help you highlight some parts of your body. The hourglass is the perfect wedding dress for this body type as it allows you to highlight your curves by wearing a fishtail skirt, which will show off your womanly shape to perfection. But you should choose to highlight only one part of your body, because you want to risk taking the attention away from your great shape.


The Pear style for wedding dresses

Dominated by a large, voluptuous lower body with large hips and a pert posterior, the pear is the more common body type and the hardest to dress. Pear-shaped women often have a smaller bust and tend to carry any extra weight on their hips, bottom and thighs. But pears are blessed with a beautifully slim torso and small waist.

For those brides with a pear shape body type, the best wedding dress involves a corset with a lot of detail, as it creates the illusion of curves. It is also advisable not to hide your shoulders, but accentuate it by avoiding shawl-type accessories. Empire line skirts have an unstructured waist so that it falls in a straight line past the hips and into the skirt; this way you can hide your hips, which are usually bigger than the rest of you body.

pear shape dress

The Boyish Shape style for wedding dresses

Boy-shaped body type is characterized by  a very small bust and a small bottom with no curves. Women with this body type say that they don’t have anything neither to hide nor to show. But usually boy-shaped women have lithe, long legs, which can work in their advantage.

Designers say that the best wedding dress for this body type  involves a mini skirt, to highlight their legs. But for those brides who don’t like the idea of a short skirt they should wear a long, figure-hugging dress, which will ensure that their body shape is crystal clear to onlookers. Also the boy-woman is free to wear as much detail up top as she likes.

boy -shaped

The  A-line style for wedding dresses

This is the perfect wedding dress for women with a slim upper body and waist, but bigger hips and thighs. It’s great for curvy body type to show off their bust and slim waist, but not so good for those who have a bit of a tummy to cover up, or those with a small bust as it will draw attention to that area.


The Column style for wedding dresses

Fitted but with a straight skirt, this can be soft and floaty as in a Grecian style . The Column dress hugs the body type and is the best wedding dress for tall, willowy women. This is the one to give you that catwalk look! It will also work well on a more petite figure. The Column shape sits quite close to the body, so if you have fuller hips, this will tend to emphasize them, and is quite clinging so avoid it if you do not have a smooth outline.


The Empire Line style for wedding dresses

Under-bust detailing and seaming with an unstructured waist so that it falls in a virtually straight line past the hips and into the skirt. The body of the dress falls from beneath the bust, which is great if you have a broad waist and a small  bust. This wedding dress is perfect for  petite brides as the long lines makes them look taller. The long line also makes tall brides look taller.You should avoid this wedding dress style  if you have a heavy bust-line because it will make it appear bigger.


The Full Skirt style for wedding dresses

If you have a slim-hipped body type and a full bust, the Full Skirt is the perfect wedding dress for you as it will balance top and bottom perfectly, giving you that “fairytale bride” look. This style and the Princess are generally thought of as the most romantic shapes. Avoid the Full Skirt if you are not full busted, as it will make your bust look smaller. If you are petite, avoid this option because you will disappear into the dress! If you have wide hips, avoid the Full Skirt because it will over emphasize them.

full skirt