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After you’ve chosen the venue and theme, you have the tedious process of creating the wedding’s menu. Selecting the courses on your menu can be far less daunting by relating the food items to your wedding’s theme, season, and venue. Not only are you cutting costs by incorporating seasonal flavors, you’re also complimenting your personal taste and wedding venue. Dive deep into the art of creating the perfect reception menu with our top wedding dining experiences guide. Consider these tips when planning the following types of weddings:

Summer Beach Wedding

Forget about the roasted chicken breast! If you’re planning a summer waterfront wedding, take advantage of tropical flavors and delicious seafood. A carefully arranged display of fruits and cheeses can be a beautiful, colorful, and satisfying appetizer before the main course. Choose fruits like fresh pineapple, kiwi, strawberries, grapes and watermelon. Other hors d’oeuvres can include shrimp cocktail, crab cakes, or oysters. For the main course, you can provide a seafood buffet or hire a sushi chef to make sushi to order. Besides the cake, sorbet or specially made popsicles are refreshing desserts on a warm summer day. For drinks, offer lemonade or tropical coconut drinks—alcoholic and virgin options. With selections like these, you will truly attain the experience of a summer beach wedding.

Autumn Hotel Wedding

Autumn is the quintessential backdrop for a wedding, even more so if held in a Massachusetts wedding venue with indoor and outdoor space. With the crisp autumn air, guests will love a menu of rich flavors and hearty foods. Consider replacing the salad with a warm bowl of soup, like butternut squash, or offer a small portion of both. The main course can consist of turkey, salmon or pot-pies filled with chicken and fall vegetables. Make the guests feel like they’re eating a thanksgiving meal with sides like sweet potato casserole, mashed potatoes or in-season vegetables. If you’d like to stray from a typical wedding cake, try embracing seasonal flavors such as caramel, ginger, carrot, or apple. Provide warm and cold drinks during cocktail hour—and don’t forget the hard cider!

Spring Outdoor Wedding

For a spring outdoor wedding, stay away from heavy foods typically served in the winter. Fresh fruits and vegetables should be incorporated into each course to embrace the weather and outdoor venue. For the first course, add berries or a fruity vinaigrette to the salad. Typical wedding foods like chicken or fish are suitable for a spring wedding with cooked baby vegetables. Lighter flavors like vanilla, lemon, or strawberry are ideal for springtime desserts. Serve iced tea and flavored water along with brightly colored cocktails for drinks. Cross your fingers and hope it doesn’t rain and these flavors will make your wedding shine!

No matter where or when you plan to have your wedding, think of creative ways to display your menu items to relate to your venue and theme. Food is one of the most important aspects of a wedding. Give your guests something to brag about when it’s over!