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When buying jewelry there are some special rules you should respect. But when it comes to your wedding bands, the rings that you are going to wear for the rest of your life, there are the rules and there are also some useful tips you should take into account. So after you talk to your future spouse and decide some ground details about the look of your ​unique handmade wedding rings, here are the other things you should take into account.

Decide on a budget

Two wedding bands should cost on average between 300 $ and 2000 $, considering you don’t want to have very expensive wedding bands, with dozens of diamonds on them. So before starting to shop for wedding bands decide how much are you willing to spend on them.


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Start researching early

Finding the right wedding bands can be a very long and exhausting process, so it is very important to start looking for wedding bands with at least 2 months before the wedding. Never buy the first wedding bands you see and you like. If you want your wedding bands to be specially engraved for you with a certain design or a certain text, you should start looking for wedding bands even earlier, as the engraving process can take up to a month.


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Think practical

Before actually deciding on a wedding band think about the style of living you have. You shouldn’t buy fancy wedding bands with diamonds if you won’t feel comfortable wearing them. Also remember that you are going to wear them each and every day of your life so you have to make sure that your wedding bands represent who you really are. If your job involves you working with your bare hands you should definitely buy a wedding band that it is resistant to such treatment. Also keep in mind possible allergies. Platinum is the most pure precious metal, so if you have allergies to other metals platinum is your metal.


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Make the 20 years test

When deciding the design of your wedding bands think about a life time commitment. Make sure that in 20 years you will still like the style and the design of the wedding bands you chose to symbolize your union.

Think about size

Most of the people don’t take the wedding band off the finger once they put it there, no matter if their finger swells or shrinks due to heat, low temperature, water retention or weight gain. In order to find the perfect wedding bands size that will allow them to face all these changes, you have to have the last fitting when you are really calm and the temperature of the body is normal. Never choose the size of the wedding band in the morning or after you exercised when your fingers are swollen, or if you are very hot or very cold.


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Keep your wedding bands clean

If you have simple wedding bands, without diamonds, you can easily clean them with a soft cloth. If your wedding bands are greasy you can clean it with alcohol. If your wedding band is losing its shine you should brush it with a solution made of warm water, soap and a few drops of ammonia. If your wedding band has diamonds you can brush using warm water with soap and dry it with a very soft cloth.



Protect your investment

Even platinum is vulnerable, so if you have to do some hard physical work, or if you have to work in your garden, or if you are going swimming in a pool with chlorine you should definitely take off your wedding band as you don’t want to risk ruining it. Scratches are the most visible when it comes to wedding bands so make sure you don’t wear them when doing any activity that might result in scratching them.