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As you already know, the engagement ring and the wedding band are the two pieces of jewelry that you are going to wear every single day for the rest of your life. By this definition, some people think that the engagement one would chose should be timeless. Before heading to theĀ engagement ring store you should have at least a bit of an idea of what you’re looking for and of course, a budget.

There are plenty of people who want to choose the engagement ring based on the trends of that particular year. This can only mean that when choosing the engagement ring, you have to be extra careful, as you do not want to end up with the future bride hating it. You can read here tips on what to pay attention to when choosing the engagement ring. You might find that you would like to go forĀ Black Titanium Contemporary Rings for example. In the end, the choice is yours to make. So let’s looks at a few options and see what peaks your fancy.

The engagement ring fashion of 2014 keep some of the ideas from 2013, but it also brings some new details, custom made wedding ring with colorful stones, or twist engagement rings are still popular, but floral details seem to become trendy.

Engagement rings with floral design

Flowers equal romantism, and most women in this world love romantic gestures. If you choose an engagement ring with a floral design on it, you solve two problems at the same time. On one hand you prove to your future wife that you are the romantic person she wants you to be. On the other hand, you give her something she already loves (flowers) to look at for the rest of her life.

The ring could be a flower itself, with a diamond in its center, or you can choose a ring with a classic cut stone, and a flower right next to it. Either way, your future bride will love it.

floral engagement rings

Engagement rings with colorful stones

No matter if you choose a colorful diamond (yellow, pink, or even black), or a sapphire (blue, yellow, orange), a ruby or emerald cut engagement rings, depending on the favorite color of the future bride. If you do decide to buy a colorful engagement ring, make sure that the bands are as simple as possible, to underline the ring.

colorful stones engagement rings

Engagement rings with mix-metals

Mix-metal engagement rings are very popular among all the men who cannot decide if they want a gold or a platinum ring. If you happen to love gold, but still want to make the ring special, you can choose a ring that has the three colors of gold (white, yellow and pink) in it. You can also make combinations of white gold and platinum, or yellow gold and stainless steel.

mix metal engagement rings

Engagement rings with a horizontal stone

Also known as east-west engagement rings, this kind of rings are the right choice for women who love classic and elegant. Most of these rings have oval cut stones, emeralds or marquis.

horizontal stone engagement ring

Halo engagement rings

The halo engagement rings are known for the elegance they feature. They present a central stone with brilliant or princess cut, surrounded by a string of smaller elegant stones. In 2013 the halo engagement rings had just one string of smaller stones. In 2014, the ring must have two strings of smaller stones to match the trend.

halo engagement ring

Twist engagement rings

Twist engagement rings are very popular among non-conformist women. Its winding shape make it look daring, versatile and fancy at the same time. With such a ring on her finger, your future bride will be the point of attention of many other women.

twist engagement rings