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Your wedding flowers will be one of the most popular and photographed detail of your wedding (besides you), so it’s important to pick  unique wedding flowers and wedding bouquets that fit your wedding style.

Steps to choose your wedding flowers

First thing to do is determining the average cost of  your wedding flowers. You shouldn’t spend more than 8-10 % of overall wedding budget on the flowers. This includes the bouquets, corsages, boutonnieres, and any ceremony and reception decor. But there are some factors that can change the amount you are going to spend on flowers. If you are lucky and the types of wedding flowers you chose are in the season in your area, they will be inexpensive, and you will save money on your wedding floral.

Knowing your wedding style is a start in the right direction, because you’ll want to choose wedding flowers that match the best the formality of your wedding day. You must ask yourself if your wedding will be formal or casual, elaborate or simple bold or neutral colors. You have to know if you are a traditionalist in favor of roses or lilies, or do you favor a more unique floral theme incorporating grasses, fruits and herbs. Your wedding flowers are more than eye candy; they set the ambiance for the entire event, so you have to make sure that you have chosen the best types of wedding flowers for your wedding day.

After discovering your style, you should pick a palette of colors. Your color scheme should represent exactly your style. Nowadays, there is no rule regarding wedding flowers, it is very popular an unique mentality that is translated by “anything goes” . You can choose anything from wedding flowers in traditional whites and pastels to modern and adventurous dark hues and citrus shades. Flowers in matching shades or cool contrasts are breathtaking, but make sure they coordinate with your overall wedding theme

When it comes to wedding flowers – go with the season! Choose wedding flowers that bloom locally and naturally during the time of your wedding. Although you can find most floral varieties all year, seasonal blooms are readily available, less expensive and often more durable.

Even if you plan to create and arrange your own wedding flowers in your unique style, consulting with a florist first is still a good idea. A florist is not necessarily a budget breaker; a good one should be able to work with any floral budget. A florist’s first-hand knowledge and years of experience can prove extremely useful, ensuring you don’t overlook small but important details and that your floral scheme matches your wedding style.

My wedding flowers will express my unique style and personality. My favorite flowers are gladiolas. So, taking into consideration that my wedding will be during the summer and that gladiolas can be found during this season, these are the flowers I want to have at my wedding. My bouquet will have white gladiolas, and there will be white and mauve gladiolas decorating the church and the restaurant.