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When I popped the question to my fiance three years ago, she yelped with delight. From then on it was non-stop wedding talk. We’d wake up every morning and she would tell me she dreamed of our wedding day. She’d sit on the laptop every evening researching all of her ides.

It gave me an enormous sense of well-being that I had brought such happiness to the women I loved. From day one she started planning our big day. I was happy enough to let her take full control of all the details.

First up was the venue. She drew up a shortlist of three hotels and we spent the weekend visiting them. It was a surreal but very rewarding experience. We picked the first hotel we saw, as it suited our needs.

As our big day approached, my wife to be asked me if I was really happy with her taking the lead in all the decisions. I said I was, but in truth, I’d like something to work on myself. Therefore, we decided I could choose the wedding music and band, as well as the gifts for the wedding party.

Well, the music was pretty easy to choose. For our first dance, I chose ‘Here Comes The Sun’ by The Beatles. It has always been one of my favorite songs, and it has a happy vibe. We also had a great band that played swing music followed by a DJ.

However, when it came to picking the wedding gifts, I did struggle! The bridesmaids were relatively easy – I bought them each a charm bracelet to thank them for their help. The problem was what to get the best man. I’m not used to buying presents for men, and I wanted to get him something more appropriate than a football jersey!

For weeks I agonized over what to buy him, and then all of a sudden my wife-to-be came up with a great idea. She made me think back to when I asked my friend to be my best man. I popped the question when we were out one night enjoying a glass of California’s finest red wine. After all, it was my friend who got me into red wine in the first place. Therefore, to commemorate our friendship, what would be better than getting him something he could associate with our hobby? I decided to buy him a crystal decanter. Suffice to say, he loved it. It meant a lot when he used the decanter the first time he cooked for me and my wife after the wedding.

So what lessons can a groom learn from wedding planning? Well, it’s always the woman that come up with the best ideas!

Not very long ago, shopping for wedding gifts used to be a very easy and relaxing activity. You would go to a registry and choose the gift ideas you thought would better serve the new couple. This custom is still practiced by many people who are not very inspired when it comes to ideas for wedding gifts. But besides this custom, a new one has been born: looking for ideas of personalized wedding gifts. Personalized wedding gifts are unique and special and make the receiving couple feel important and meaningful. So if you are one of those people who want to buy personalized gifts for their friends’ wedding but who run out of ideas, you will find in this article a few ideas of unique and personalized wedding gifts.

Ideas of personalized wedding gifts

Personalized pillowcases

By giving personalized silk pillowcases as wedding gifts you solve two problems at the same time: one hand you give them something useful and on the other hand you give them something unique and special. Usually the pillowcases have the bride and the groom’s names printed on them. But if you have other ideas of messages or images that you want to print on the pillowcases feel free to do it. I have seen pillowcases printed with a verse from the Bible or with a passage from their wedding vows, or with a lyric from a favorite song or even a picture with the future couple.  In my opinion personalized pillowcases represent one of the best ideas of wedding gifts, as they are a perfect reminder of their perfect day and their enormous love for each other.

Personalized pillowcases wedding gifts

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Personalized coffee/tea set/cups

As almost all the couples in this world drink coffee or tea in the morning or sometime during the day, a personalized coffee/tea set is another wonderful idea of wedding gift. There are many ideas on how to personalize a coffee/tea set, but most of them involve printing names or lyrics or pictures, or funny messages on the cups, so that they represent a beautiful reminder of their happiness. One of my favorite ideas of personalized coffee/tea cups is represented by coffee cups that have different shapes that match, and the names of the bride and groom printed on them.

Personalized coffee cups wedding gifts

Personalized coffee cups wedding gifts (source:

Personalized clock

No matter if we are talking about an alarm clock, or a wall clock, all the people in this world have a clock somewhere in the house. So when a clock is so popular and useful in a new home, why not offer a personalized clock to the newlyweds so that they can read the hour on a very unique and special clock. The main way to personalize the clock is also by printing something on it, something that is most relevant to the couple. But you can also personalize the clock by making sure it has an unique shape or design. For example, one of my friends received as wedding gift an amazing clock that had the numbers written the other way around, and the clock pins moved from right to left, not from left to write. It was so unique and special that all their guests would notice it when they come to visit.

Personalized clock wedding gift

Personalized clock wedding gift (source: )

Special gift for their honeymoon

If you are one of those people who like to live and enjoy the moment and not think too much about the future, than you should think about a way to make their honeymoon even more special than it already is. Find out where they are going and the details of their Oceanfront hotel booking, and get them gift certificates for a restaurant, a spa, helicopter toursor another resort activity. Other ideas are to upgrade their plane tickets to first class, or hide some spending money in their suitcases, so that they can do or buy something not planned.

Personalized gift card wedding gift

Personalized gift card wedding gift ( )

Personalized jewelry

Although it is a little more expensive, giving to the newlyweds’ personalized matching jewelry is one of my favorite ideas. Usually the jewelries have the future spouses’ initials or a special short message carved on them. For example I went to a wedding where the bridesmaids bought for the future spouses matching personalized jewelries. The bride received a set with earrings and a talisman that had the initials of her groom on them, and the groom had shirt buttons and a needle tie with the initials of the bride on them. I loved the idea.

Personalized jewlery wedding gifts

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