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Every girl dreams up their perfect wedding when they are little. They think of the most extravagant, unique and outlandish venues, dresses and celebrations. However, some women make these dreams a reality. This article will reveal the top 8 most unique and unusual wedding venues in the United Kingdom.

The London Art House

The London Art House is possibly one of the most beautiful places to get married. Every single room plays host to a different theme as it has been hand-painted by a different artist. This ensures you can have a room to suit your style and tastes but it also guarantees that there is a unique and special feeling to the venue.

London Art House

London Art House (source: )


London Zoo

If you love animals, then why not get married at London Zoo? There are two wedding suites to choose from; one which is situated just above the zoo meaning you can see all the wildlife whilst enjoy your celebrations and another, which has grandeur and luxury in abundance.


Football stadium: St. James’ Park, The Emirates etc.

If you are a football fan then getting married at your team’s football stadium is a fabulous idea. You will get the full on pitch experience, with your guests sitting in the stands and you saying “I do” on the grass.

London Wetland Center

If nature and scenery is your thing, then there really is nowhere better than the London Wetland Centre. Just imagine the wedding photographs…


london_wetland_centre (source:

HMS Belfast

How does getting married on one of the capital’s most famous ships sound? The HMS Belfast has a deep and rich history, which began in World War Two. If you are looking for tradition, then this is certainly one the most culture-filled and unusual wedding venues to get married.


Wedding-HMS-Belfast (

Science Museum

If you and your partner are brainiacs or are simply science lovers, then you could get married at London’s famous Science Museum. You can even have your reception underneath the Apollo 10 command module. This is certainly an unusual choice that is assured to get your guests extremely intrigued.


Science-museum-wedding (source: )

Absolute Ice Bar

Let us face it; you are going to feel flustered and your heart is going to be pounding throughout the ceremony so why not get married somewhere as cold as ice? (Literally!). Getting married at minus five degrees is assured to put your wedding down as the most memorable out of all your family and friends.


Absolut-Ice-Bar (source: )

The Museum of Brands and Packaging.

Ok… so you do not get more unusual than getting married in the Museum of Brands and Packaging. Getting married next to a bottle of Head and Shoulders… Who said romance is dead?


Brands-and-packaging-museum (source: )

So, there you have it; the top 8 most unusual wedding venues in the entire United Kingdom. Whilst science and consumer packaging might not be your idea of the most romantic day of your life, hopefully, this article will have given you the inspiration to let your personality shine through on your big day.

About the Author: Rossi Lemon is a freelance content writer by profession. She finds immense pleasure in writing wedding venue related article including unusual wedding venues.