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A traditional fruit cake is no longer the only appropriate cake for your big day. Your wedding cake can be as big, bold and beautiful as you like – the only limit is your creativity! There are some truly ‘out there’ custom cakes and flavors available these days, from spectacular multi-tiered custom wedding cakes to gorgeous little cupcakes, so how do you choose the perfect cake for you and your guests? Here we’ll be taking a look at some of the most popular wedding cakes and what they say about you!

The traditional fruit cake

It can sometimes seem like the days of the traditional wedding fruitcake are numbered, but there are still many who simply wouldn’t cut into any other confection after saying “I do”. Conventionally made from tiers or rich fruit cake, including white marzipan icing, treacle, currants, cinnamon and vanilla essence, the UK’s traditional wedding cake is now seen as a little outdated by many.

Yet if you are a real traditionalist and family girl at heart and you love the idea of a classic, fairy tale white wedding with all the toppings, a big white fruitcake is an absolute must.


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The chocolate lover

If you can’t indulge on your wedding day, when can you? If you are a chocolate fiend, a chocolate wedding cake is the ultimate extravagance. After all those months of planning, arranging, stressing and dieting, a mouthful of your dream chocolate cake is the least you deserve – and it’s sure to go down a treat with your guests too!

Chocolate cake lovers tend to know what they like and might even have a bit of a wicked side too!



The little cupcake

Cupcakes are extremely fashionable wedding fare currently. They don’t just look pretty and provide a delicious little way to stand out from the crowd, they are also the perfect size to ensure nothing goes to waste!

If you’re a cupcake kind of girl, chances are you’re a bit of a sweetie at heart, which makes the idea of sharing out these lovely little concoctions with your nearest and dearest all the sweeter! On top of all of this, lots of cupcakes means that you can enjoy lots of different flavors and designs, so you can be sure that you’re providing a treat to suit everyone!


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The creative taster

Creative cake flavors are a big trend in 2012 as many move away from big, ostentatious cakes and start looking for something a bit different with which to tantalize their guests’ taste buds! There are so many flavors to choose from that the limit really is your imagination.

From Valrhona chocolate and hazelnut cake, drenched with Frangelico syrup to zucchini and key lime cake drenched with creme de cassis – with a talented cake maker on hand, creative couples can create a gastronomic sensation that will wow everybody.

The creative cake flavor lover is likely to have big dreams, ideas and perhaps a taste for the finer things in life too!


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The cake extravaganza!

No cake is big enough, no decorations are over-the-top enough and no amount of glitter is going to be sparkly enough for this customer. For some brides, the more lavish the cake is, the better! Cakes comprising of 27 tiers and dripping with edible crystals are the order of the day and, as for what’s inside, well, it doesn’t really matter! Many of these more elaborate constructions will include fake tiers just to increase cake height.

Glitzy cake lovers tend to be very image conscious and hooked on the glamorous things in life, they also have an irrepressible fun side!


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