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If in 2013 the trends regarding wedding cakes presented elegant and fancy cakes, this year’s trends come with a larger variety of themes and shapes for brides to choose from. Having so many choices, it should be easier to find that wedding cake that it is trendy and matches your wedding theme at the same time. Here are some of the cakes that should inspire you:

Cloth decorations

Cloth and cloth decorations are very fashionable among 2014 wedding season, and wedding cakes do not make an exception from this rule. So, if your wedding is rustic, or vintage, or simply casual, having a cake decorated with cloth is exactly what you need to make it perfect.

cloth wedding cake

Tall candles

Although candles on a cake remind you of a birthday cake, in 2014 candles, and especially tall candles, are fashionable among weddings. Having candles on your wedding cake will be the element of surprise that you need for your special event and matches any wedding theme.

tall candles wedding cake

Fresh fruit decorations

There are people who do not like cakes that have too many flavors of creams in them. For all these people, cakes with fresh fruits are the perfect choice. You can have the fruits in the cake or simply decorating the cake. Either way, your guests will love it.

fresh fruit wedding cake

Uncoated (unfinished) cake

If your wedding is nonconformist and you want to make a statement with your cake too, choose one that is unfinished, that has no frosting, sour cream or marzipan on it. Let the layers of the cake to be visible for your guests. To make it look a little bit elegant, try to decorate it with some natural flowers or with fresh fruits.

unfinished wedding cake

Cupcake cakes

Cupcake cakes have been very popular in the past few years. Not only that they are delicious, but they allow you to create so many different designs, in so many different colors, that people keep ordering this kind of cake for their wedding. If you want to take to the extreme you can have a cake in the shape of a bridal gown. No one would expect that.

cupcake wedding cake

Ombre cakes

Ombre cakes or cakes with gradient colors follow the trends of 2013 wedding cakes. If you want your wedding to be colorful, and to make you smile all the time, the ombre cake is exactly what you need. If you cannot decide on the colors you can either choose from the wedding color trends of 2014 or you can match it to your wedding theme.

ombre wedding cake

Custom cakes

In the past 10 years, personalizing your wedding, and your cake has been very popular among brides to be. The 2014 wedding cakes promotes cakes with 3D decorations that should be inspired by the wedding theme. Having the initials of your names, or a simple but suggestive message represent another nice choice for personalized wedding cakes.

custom wedding cake

Nature inspired cakes

For less elegant weddings, or for weddings inspired by nature, or for vintage weddings, choose a cake that is decorated with items that you can find outside. You can have a cake that shows a waterfall, or a forest, or a field of lavender. Any picture that you have in mind and represents you can be transpose on your wedding cake to make it spectacular.

nature inspired wedding cake

Conventional figurines of bride and groom. The simple figurines of a bride and groom have been popular since 1950th. They are recommended as a symbol of two people’s live joining together and also a sweet future arm in arm. They have been considered as the best choice to match the white wedding dresses in a traditional wedding. Simple doesn’t mean monotone. You can still choose different styles and poses. Take your time to review dozens of pictures on Internet, and you could find the one that best described your dream wedding.

cake topper traditional

Monograms. Another stylish and elegant choice for a cake topper is a simple monogram.  Letters are available in a variety of materials that include brushed metals and rhinestone.  Couples can proudly display the initial for their newly-shared name atop their wedding cake.  A different option is to showcase the initial for each of their first names.

cake topper monogram

Acrylic cake topper. Couples who are in search of a more stylized look for their wedding cake may opt for an acrylic cake topper.  These clear toppers are usually embellished with some type of etched design.  Designs vary from a pair of wedding rings to a romantic heart.  The bride and groom can choose anything that strikes their fancy.  Some acrylic toppers are even cut into a custom shape.  Palm trees, castles, and even horses are just a few of the options available.

cake topper acrylic

Flower cake topper. Flowers as cake toppers are becoming a popular alternative to the classic bride and groom figurines. Flowers matched to the bride’s bouquet or to the reception’s decorations are an elegant touch and enhance the theme of the wedding. You can even take it a step further and add cascading blooms down the side of the cake for a truly romantic effect.

cake topper flower

Humorous cake topper. For a more fun-loving spin on the traditional bride and groom cake topper, some wedding cakes are adorned with a bride and groom figurine that doesn’t quite fit the traditional mold.  These figures may include humorous poses of a bride dragging her husband to the wedding.  There are also bride and groom figurines created in the image of popular cartoon characters like Mickey and Minnie Mouse, as well Cinderella and her Prince Charming.

cake topper humorous

Whimsical cake topper. A cake topper in the theme of a particular hobby that you, as a couple, enjoy together is a fabulous way to personalize your wedding cake. Be it golf, motorcycles, Nascar racing, or a country and western lifestyle, any cake topper symbolic of something you share together lends a touching sentiment to your wedding.

cake topper whimistical

Personalized cake topper. Personalized cake toppers have the opportunity to incorporate important elements of your life other than just the fact that you are getting married. Personalized cake toppers might feature that bride and groom playing baseball or riding a motorcycle, for example. Military weddings may want to order a cake topper with the groom in military dress. Some custom cake topper manufacturers can use a picture of the bride and groom to create 100% unique cake topper figurines that look just like them.

cake topper personalized

Loving birds cake topper. Birds are beautiful creatures that have a lot of symbolic meaning. They can be a token of freedom, or of love. Many people are choosing to use them throughout their wedding and reception. Using a bird theme wedding cake is a great idea if you are incorporating birds into your wedding decor.

cake topper loving birds

Heart cake topper. When love is in the air, embrace it with a heart themed wedding accessory that celebrates the occasion.  A heart themed wedding cake topper is the perfect way to express the love filled day of your wedding.  Choose from custom acrylic and porcelain heart cake toppers that are contemporary or traditional in design.  Consider a linked hearts design cake topper to depict the joining of your two hearts on your wedding day.  Personalize your heart cake topper your names and wedding date for a customized keepsake you will treasure forever.

cake topper heart

Ethnic and multi-racial cake toppers. If you are an interracial couple, you may find a great deal of cake toppers to reflect your circumstances. You may find a wedding cake topper for an Asian couple, an African-American couple and you may even find same sex wedding cake toppers. There are a lot of comical, refined and tasteful and traditionalist wedding cake toppers you may choose from when you go searching for a distinguishable wedding cake topper for your wedding cake.

cake topper ethnical

Photo holder  cake topper. The little figurines don’t look enough like you? No problem. Use a photo frame wedding cake topper. Choose a photo that really represents the two of you as a couple. If you have a favorite thing you both like to do, such as hiking or skiing, you can choose a photo of you doing those things you like. This type of wedding cake topper is also a great choice for interracial and same-sex couples.

cake topper photo holder

Wedding cake toppers boasts a long history. The legend has it that the wedding cake topper was first used over 100 years ago when the daughter of a baker was getting married. The bride requested her father to make some symbol of the love between her and her would-be husband that everyone could see. At the end, the baker settled with two figurines on top of the wedding cake that symbolizes the bride and the groom. Of course no one really knows if it is a true story or if this is the beginning of the cake toppers tradition.

cake topper 1

Budget. Be sure to have time to find the best deals as far as wedding cake toppers are concern. Choose the toppers that fits to your budget and at the same time can make you love your toppers today and even after many years while you are reminiscing your wedding.

cake topper 2

Theme. Consider your wedding theme in choosing your topper. You topper, as well as your wedding cake, should complement the wedding decorations too. If you choose a garden wedding, a flower-decorated topper would look really nice.

cake topper 3

Design. Designs may also be matched to the venue for the wedding party, e.g. for a seaside wedding party you may use a wedding cake topper with model starfish and shellfish, or a husband and wife standing barefoot on the seaside.

cake topper 4

Style. Making the best choice of wedding cake topper is largely a matter of having it match the style of wedding party you have chosen. Traditional styles match more conventional wedding party styles, and themed weddings should preferably have designs which correspond with the theme. More casual weddings could make use of the funny styles, but there are no rigid guidelines and you can pick whatever you wish.

cake topper 5

Be creative. Always choose a cake topper that reflects both you and your partner’s feelings. Consider the things you like doing together, the time of the year that you met or an unusual circumstance that you two bump into. Never be too pressured to follow traditional cake toppers. Make sure you tap into your creativity and consider other options available. Funny wedding cake toppers are pretty popular.

cake topper 6