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For those brides who want their wedding day to be a fairy tale, a carriage bulled by horses is the best way to create the atmosphere. No matter if you want to feel like Cinderella, or like the Queen of UK, you can find a carriage to fit your theme.

The Glass Carriage. This carriage seats up to four adults and two children in style and comfort.  If you are looking for one more reason to choose this carriage at your wedding, keep in mind that this is the carriage that all the royal couples in UK used at their weddings.

carriage glass

Open Landau Carriage. This is another carriage that would make you feel like royalty when you ride it. The carriage has a convertible roof to keep any unwanted weather out and to make sure you day will be perfect.

carriage open landau

Wagonette Carriage. If you want some of your wedding party to ride along on your wedding day, the Wagonette carriage should be your choice.  Built on a wagon frame, this carriage has seats in the passenger compartment along both sides. This way you can have all the close family and friends ride with you in your wedding carriage.

carriage vagonette

The Gig Carriage. A gig carriage is a small two-wheeled horse-drawn carriage with two seats and no hood. This carriage is chosen by couples who would rather be their own footman, as it offers only two seats. Some of them offer covered seats, so you don’t have to worry about the weather.

carriage gig

The Spider Phaeton. A spider phaeton is a very high carriage of light construction, with a covered seat in front and a footman’s seat behind. In the past this phaeton was used for gentlemen, but nowadays you can use it for all kinds of events, including a wedding.

carriage spider phaeton

Vis a Vis Carriage. The vis a vis wedding carriage is the most common carriage used at weddings. The design offers the possibility of the bride and the groom to ride in the same carriage seating one in front of the other, accompanied by their parents or by their best men and bridesmaids.

carriage vis a vis

Cinderella Carriage. If you feel that you have been found by a prince or if you just want to feel what Cinderella felt when she went to the ball and danced with the prince, choosing a Cinderella carriage for your wedding is the best way to do it. Having the shape of a pumpkin, the Cinderella carriage helps you to create the romantic atmosphere you want at your wedding.

carriage cinderella

Choosing the horses for your wedding carriage is another aspect you need to think about. Most of the companies that lend the carriages can offer you a variety of horses or ponies to choose from.  Also you have to see if the carriage you chose is use with a single horse or with two horses or even with six horses.

carriage six horse