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A wedding is one of the most important events of your life, which can also be called as a ‘stepping stone’ to a new life. Couples take vows and pledge to stay together for a lifetime during the wedding processions. While taking the most important vows of your life with your ‘special someone’, you may like to invite some of your near and dear ones for support.

Though there are different wedding processions in different parts of the world, wedding guests are always a part of your wedding. Wouldn’t you want your passive audiences and honored guests to have maximum fun on your wedding day? If yes, read along to know about some unique wedding entertainment ideas for entertaining your guests:

Make your guests an active part of your wedding

Wedding guests are an indispensable part of any wedding rituals. They are not just captive audiences to all your wedding rituals, but also witnesses to your nuptials. If you’re looking to make your passive audiences an important part of your wedding, consider implementing some of the following ideas:

  • Include guest vows- There can be no better way to make your guests feel special during your wedding than to ask them for their support before your wedding vows. Make it a point to ask your officiant to include guest vows that could be taken before you and your fiance take the wedding vows. The vow should be directed to all your guests and your officiant could simply ask them whether they support your wedding processions and vow to give their support and love to both of you.
  • Ask them to share their thoughts- You can always ask your guests to share their wisdom and thoughts to make them feel special. You guests shall love to share their wise thoughts with you, and give you practical advice for the future.
  • Make a video guest book- Instead of having your guests pen down their thoughts on a standard guest book, you can have them prepare a video of their good wishes. This can be an excellent way to make them feel special and also help you preserve some very special memories forever. For stunning Cape Cod wedding photography, be sure to hire Calle Kelly Dillon Photography.
  • Include a unity ceremony- You can always have a special unity ceremony that can make your passive audiences active participants of your wedding ceremony. This ceremony could either be throwing flower petals or lighting candles. Some people also hire an entertainment company or perform rock ceremonies during their wedding to make guests feel even more special, while they bestow a blessing or make a wish for the couple.
wedding-entertainment-ideas (source: )

wedding-entertainment-ideas (source: )

Engage your guests

It is important to have some engaging events in your wedding that keep your guests entertained and happy. Some ideas of entertaining your guests with some engaging ceremonies include:

  • Games- You can have some interesting games for your guests which may include poker, blackjack or other such games. For making these games even more grand, consider having them merged with the party theme. You can also have a treasure hunt organized for your esteemed guests, to keep them entertained and amused throughout the wedding.
  • Caricaturist- You can always call a caricaturist who can capture a guest portrait on the canvas within a very short period of time. You can also have the caricaturist give off some keepsakes to your guests, so that each one of them takes back an amusing memory home with themselves.
  • Fortune teller- With astrology becoming more and more popular these days, you are likely to have your guests enjoy the presence of fortune-tellers in your wedding. Make it a point to have an authentic fortune teller or a tarot card reader come for your wedding to predict your future and also help your audiences know about their future.
  • Live artists- Instead of the conventional music and dance parties, you can consider involving jugglers, cabaret, magicians, skits or circus style artists to come over and entertain your guests.

Wedding entertainment ideas (source:  )

Wedding entertainment ideas (source: )

Serve with a difference

Every wedding involves great food and delicious snacks. Instead of having the waiters serve food like the usual, you can consider thinking about an appropriate serving style. Speak to your event planners Melbourne chalk out a unique plan for your wedding. You can always have foot-tapping music playing and waiters dancing while serving. You can also have a wine tasting station or a unique ice cream truck pull up on your wedding reception.

If your budget allows, consider handing over some special souvenirs to your guests. If you’re hiring services of any event planners, make sure you speak to them and let them know about.


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