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Accessories – No matter if you talk about jewelries, scarfs or headpieces, their main purpose is to complement an outfit, to offer it a touch of personality. Brides do not make an exception. Every year, trends related to wedding planning and wedding outfit are established by the specialized designers. This means that, each bride who is getting married this year, needs to know what the 2014 trends are for her wedding gown, colors, invitations, cakes and hair accessories.

When it comes to wedding headpieces trends for 2014, the winners are the elegant but sophisticated accessories that remind us of the 20’s. Vintage headpieces are also fashionable this year.

Bridal hair accessories – headbands

Being fashionable in 2013, headbands continue to be a must for all the romantic brides who want to have a special look on their wedding day. As a novelty, the designers propose headbands made of satin, with floral details, pearls or crystals, depending on the decorations that you have on your dress. To underline this hair accessory, you should choose a simple but elegant bridal hairstyle.


Bridal hair accessories – feathers

As we already mentioned, this is the year of sophisticated details. This means that feather headpieces are in the centre of attentions among brides to be. However, keep in mind that only nonconformist brides agree to wear such a fancy headpiece on their wedding day. And, let’s not forget that feather wedding headpieces remind us of the 20’s or 30’s, when they were very popular.


Bridal headpieces – head wraps

Unlike headbands, the bridal head wraps have a much stronger vintage accent, especially if they are made of elegant lace. Add some pearls and crystals or some flower garlands and you obtain the perfect look for an informal wedding. To make sure you complement your bridal head wrap, choose a hairstyle that implies a lot of volume for your hair.


Bridal headpieces – hairpins

Head-pins have always been popular when it comes to wedding hair accessories. However, this year brings to our attention flower head pins that are meant to enrich your attire, while giving it an elegant look. If you happen to find flower head pins that also have pearls and crystals, you can be sure your look will be amazing on your wedding day.

head pins

Bridal hair accessories – royal tiaras

Royal tiaras are the WOW of this year’s bridal headpieces trends. Although, in the past years, tiaras were not fashionable any more among brides, this year they revived. Moreover, royal style tiaras are exactly what you need if you want a princess style wedding. Combine the tiara with an elegant updo and you will look just gorgeous for a formal wedding. Combine it with rebel curls and you will look like a belle époque bride.