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Wedding – Reflection of love, worship, celebrations, togetherness. It is a ceremony that unites two souls for a lifetime after abiding their traditions and cultures. This D-day holds a special feeling as one has to start a new innings of his or her life. Holding great value and verve in a person’s life, the celebration of the same is done to make it memorable for a lifetime of both bride as well as groom. Not just only couples excited about the wedding, but there are close participants who are energized about the day. They are actively engaged in making the arrangements during pre-wedding days as well as on the wedding day and make sure that the wedding show up in a great manner.

Maid of Honor

Organizing and motivating are basic duties of the Maid of Honor; hence it is desirable to choose a best, oldest and loyal friend.  It is good to prefer such friend as MOH who is aware about likes and dislikes.

Maid of Honor can be considered as a chief ringleader who along with the wedding planner takes care of the shower as well as the bachelorette party. Moreover, there is also responsibility on the MOD that a bride remains at the top of everything and might also be asked for raising a toast.

Best Man

Can be a brother or best friend; Best Man can be a brother or the best pal, or it can be someone who can easily gel with the bride. He looked upon someone who can take care of all bachelor events and also good at supporting the groom, and must charmingly raise the toasts at the rehearsal dinner.


As they are members of the bride team participating in all pre-wedding activities; bridesmaids have to be vivacious and chirpy gangs of girls. Adding vibrancy and charm with their dance and enthusiasm are expected by the bridesmaids. In addition, they can be banked for arranging the best wedding flowers, running errands, visiting sites and taking care of several other tasks.


Groomsmen or ushers take care of the guest seating and also assisting the best man in arranging the bachelor party. They also take part in local or regional traditions and also have active role in decorating newlywed’s car.

Flower Girl

Spreading petals of the flowers as the bride walk down the aisle; flower girl has to be cute little girl who can be a cousin or a niece aged between three and six. These small kids are also excited to accompany ring bearer, but one might also face their crying and unwillingness to walk down the aisle.

Ring Bearer

As the name suggests, the one who bears the ring. A boy who is young and can don the knickers or saddle shoes should be a ring bearer. He is present with the flower girl when she walks down the aisle.