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When wedding photos become far too stock standard, couples fear their wedding album will be exactly the same as all their friends’ and families’ album. To give your album that little something special it may be wise to look into some of the latest trends in wedding photography. With a bit of pre-planning or all in the digital post-production these simple changes can make a big difference to how pleased you are with your overall wedding album.

Stories with Mel purpose is to capture all the love, genuine feelings and smiles through the photography on your wedding day so you will be able to preserve all those beautiful and unique moments for a lifetime.

The Journalistic Approach

While many couples still want the let’s say ‘posed’ photos (the ones where they have to stand still for at least 20 seconds so the photographer has a chance to get the shot) many are after a new style of coverage known by some as the ‘Journalistic Approach.’  While this very natural style of shooting any event (including any event in the Ryman Auditorium) can result in some amazing, unplanned and unanticipated moments being captured on film, it’s wise for couples not to expect miracles.  Also be aware that, percentage-wise, a photographer must take many more photos to get a good percentage of ‘off the cuff’ photos than of the posed varieties, so be sure guests know to expect lots of random ‘snaps.’


The Fashion Shoot

These are the glossy shots that make your married friends look like a fashion model in one of the many wedding magazines she’s been poring over for the last couple of years. While such shots can be exceptionally glamorous and frame-able, there is a certain art to getting them to look good and not tacky. If you are interested in having some photos in your collection of this style it is wise to choose a photographer with some print experience. Equally important is the ability to do a little post-production photo editing, so be sure to do your homework and see some samples first!

Digital Enhancement

Much akin to the aforementioned ‘Fashion Shoot’ style, post-production digital enhancement can make you look fabulous, take away your blemishes, and even reset the colors and tones of the day, but remember that this takes your photos a little bit further away from the reality of the day. You can also bring out the beauty of the picture just by using the best telephoto lens for Nikon which will ensure that you have the best pictures. It may be worth asking for a package with some retouched photos that can go in the frames, but other ‘real life’ shots which will remind you of the hiccups you faced on the day when reminiscing over photo albums in the twilight of your lives.

Young Bride

Vintage Prints

A vintage effect can be added after the day, but if you are after such a vibe it’s best to practice some costume changes and poses with your partner (and photographer) before the big day.  If it were as easy as adding a different filter to an already existing photo, everyone with Instagram could be a wedding photographer!

Instant Prints

This fun and funky new style of photography leaves you with negatives to make more copies from later on, but also provides you and guests with in-the-moment keepsake memories of the day.  Such prints are similar to a Polaroid instant camera, but go that next step further to make sure the instant isn’t the only copy.  Many couples are using this style (combined with some silly costumes) as an activity for guests in the form of an instant photo booth. If you want film photographs of your wedding day, you or your photographer may need to seek mail in film developing services.

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Remember-your-weddingGetting married is a once in a lifetime event. Hundreds of friends and family all come together to celebrate the love and future of two special people. Of course, a once in a lifetime event only happens with an incredible amount of planning, effort and coordination. Thankfully, wedding vendors are plentiful and many come fully equipped with a high degree of professionalism. The following three services can make any wedding a truly unforgettable day to remember.

A great photographer and or video company is an absolute must for any wedding. Not only can a great photographer provide hundreds of incredible snapshots of many important moments in a wedding, they can also capture whole family and wedding parties when they are together for the first time. However, photographers and video companies can be prohibitively expensive and are only capable of being in one location at a time.


So what’s a bride to do? Thankfully, technology like smartphones are now being used to capture weddings in an entirely new manner. The wedding service Story mix is a perfect example of this new trend. Written up in Wedding bee and The Offbeat Bride, Story mix is a photo and wedding video service that relies on the sharp and creative eyes of each guest at a wedding. Story mix is a download app that allows each guest to record photos and videos at their own pace, which are then sent to the company and edited together to form a complete photo album and wedding video. Story Mix is the only true way to see each aspect of the one day in your life you don’t want to miss any part of.


Second only to photo and video features, the perfect location is a must for creating an unforgettable wedding. Concert halls, open barns and wildlife sanctuaries are just a smattering of some of the most popular wedding venues today. A truly beautiful venue, complete with wonderful decor and atmosphere can add a deeply romantic mood to any wedding.


Last, great music from a quartet, DJ or band is an essential part of any wedding. Even if your guests are not crazy party animals, a beautiful string quartet playing love songs while you walk down the aisle can be simply stunning. Of course, if you are looking forward to a smash hit of a reception, the perfect playlist from a great DJ or talented band can add the last piece to any romantic and beautiful wedding, the fun!

With a wedding in your future, it’s time to make some plans! Choosing the perfect wedding photographer and looking for experts like these wedding photographers Willow Spring to capture your special day is a big decision. Make certain that your photographer’s style captures the radiance of your first day of married life. Select the right photographer for your event by asking questions:

How much experience do you have?

Ask the wedding photographer about his experience. Focus on previous weddings he has photographed, and then discuss some of the images you hope to capture on your wedding day. Review examples provided by the photographer to determine if his style and skills match your expectations. Request references that you may call. Assess the photographer’s communication style. Is he detail-oriented and up to the task?

Tell us about your style!

Ask the photographer about the tools and techniques he uses. Some basic questions to ask include: Do you prefer to shoot pictures in color or do you use black and white? Do you use film, or do you use a digital camera?

If the photographer can’t produce examples of previous work, end the interview in order to focus on experienced wedding photographers.

How much do your services cost?

Wedding photographers may quote a flat fee or a la carte services. Some of the questions to ask include: How much will you charge to cover our wedding throughout the full day? What is the scope of your full day? 8am-5pm, etc.? Concerning the full day charge, is there an incremental amount if we need you to continue past 8 or 10 hours? Is our wedding album included in this charge? Do we receive any selected prints or is this an added charge? Do we receive the negatives of these prints? Do you have liability insurance?

After discussing the particulars of his services, confirm the details in writing. If the photographer has a copy of his agreement or contract, request a copy and carefully review it. Note any items you’ve discussed and agreed upon that aren’t included in the standard agreement. These must be added before affixing your signature.

Will you take our pictures?

Learn if the photographer shoots the photographs himself. Sometimes, an in vogue photographer sends her assistant. Also ask about the photographer’s stand-in if she can’t attend as promised. Make sure that the photographer agrees to your concerns in writing before signing his agreement.

What kind of camera will you use for our photos?

Determine how and when the photographer plans to set up lighting for indoor shots. Ask about the kind of camera he will use: Does the camera offer a range of possibilities for your wedding? Does the camera have telephoto and wide-angle shot potential? By taking the time to fully qualify your wedding photographer, you’re ready–Make Some Plans for a beautiful wedding day!

Author Bio: Lyndsi Decker is a blogger and is currently promoting Pittsburgh Wedding Photographer. In her free time she enjoys traveling and spending time with her two daughters.

After agreeing on the qualities your wedding photographer has to have, you start looking right away. You want to make sure that you find him on time, and that he hasn’t another event planned for the same date.

Besides personal references for a wedding photographer it is advisable to start looking on the Internet. Visit each photographer’s website. Carefully review his or her portfolio. Try to concentrate on photos and not on website design. Good photographers usually show plenty of their recent work online including full weddings Create a list of those photographers.

Now you have the list, you have to start interviewing all the photographs on that list. You should start with phone interviews. You can call or email each photographer on your list to find out a number of key pieces of information about them and their work, such as availability, type of photography, costs, services, etc. This way you will come to a short list of photographer that may have what you need.

You have to have a face-to-face interview with each photograph on your short list. There is huge number of possible questions you can ask your photographer. Most professional photographers will provide you with clear explanations about their services prior to any questions even asked. Anyway, make sure that at the end of the interview you have all the answers you need about: final pictures, reprints, costs, degrees of coverage, style, experience, guaranties, assistants, travel fees, overtime fee, originality, backup, technology, payment policy, etc.

Before signing any contract determine costs and read over the legal details of exactly what you will get. Try and negotiate price. Contrary to what you may have been told, everything is negotiable, including price, packages and wedding proofs. Make sure that the photographer you want is the photographer you will get at your wedding. Find out what part of your wedding day will be covered and how many hours you have with your photographer.

Choosing a wedding photographer for my wedding is going to be a difficult task. Although I have some names in mind, I will have to interview all of them carefully and decide which one of them suits my needs.

Photographs are the lasting reminder of your wedding day. They record the atmosphere of your wedding, your choice of dress, colors, venues and guests. They will be on display in your home, and the homes of the people who shared the day with you, or those who were unable to attend. They are a record of the most special day of your life for you to look back on with future generations.

How to choose your wedding photographer

In order to choose the perfect wedding photographer for you start by building a list of several wedding photographers. Asking friends and relatives for recommendations is a great way to begin. People who’ve had positive experiences with photographers are always happy to share their photographer’s names with you, and when you meet with the photographer, you’ll both have an immediate frame of reference from which to proceed.

When choosing a photographer for your wedding the first thing you have to have in mind is his experience. It is good to know that he has photographed other weddings, or that he is doing this for a living. You need to feel absolutely sure that the photographer you choose will capture the essence of your wedding and be able to make you and your guests look a million dollars.

Style is another important thing you need to think about. Every photographer has his or her own unique style. Look for a style of photography that is creative and “speaks” to you. A good wedding photographer should have the ability to really capture mood, emotion, and sentiment within his photographs in a very creative way. The shots shouldn’t just sit there; they should move you in some way. They should be creative enough to provoke a reaction within you.

It is advisable to begin shopping for a wedding photographer as soon as you become engaged. Take the time to visit several different photographers in their studios and examine wedding pictures they have taken in the past. Ensure that you are specifically shown samples of their wedding photography. Looking at pictures of babies, pets, or sunsets, although it may give you a hint about how creative he is, it won’t give you any indication of the photographer’s ability to take good wedding pictures!

Although you may not be a professional photographer yourself, you should know what type of camera and equipment your photographer would be using during your event. You may find that you are more particular about it than you think.
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