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To create the right atmosphere at your wedding, you need to make sure that you have chosen the perfect music. Music sets the mood during your ceremony and makes your evening celebration peaceful. All you have to do is choosing the right notes, and your wedding will be remembered by all your guests. When talking about wedding music you have to consider the ceremony, the pre-meal drinks, and the reception itself.

The traditional songs that are played during the ceremony varies depending on the moment of the wedding. When guests are being seated to their places for the wedding ceremony traditional prelude songs should be playing; this prelude is usually soft background music and it sets the mood. When the bride is entering the wedding ceremony, traditional songs such as Wagner’s Bridal March should be played. Some couples choose to have some traditional songs played during the ceremony; usually we talk about solos and romantic songs. As the bride and groom and the wedding party walk back down the aisle a traditional recessional song should be played; this music is usually celebratory. The postlude music is played immediately after the recessional as the guests leave their seat. No matter what songs you choose for each of these moments, it doesn’t necessary have to be traditional but you have to make sure that you get approval from your church minister.

The traditional songs playing after the wedding ceremony must be very carefully chosen. You need to remember that, after keeping quiet during the ceremony, your guests will start talking loudly, making a lot of noise. The songs chosen must be in a soft background to keep them from making more noise.

The music playlist for your wedding reception is the most important one. You can choose between a band, a DJ or a disc jockey, but make sure to let your reception venue what type of entertainment you will be having, as there are venues that accept only live music. If you are having a big wedding, there will be more guests to satisfy with your reception music playlist; in these cases the disc jockey seems to be the best choice. If your wedding is small, and you know your guests closely, you could go with a band: soul band, jazz quartet, steel band, salsa, reggae.

If you are having both live band and a DJ, make sure that they have enough space at your venue for both to set up and perform. Let your band know well in advance of your first dance and of any special requests you haveĀ  regarding the music playlist in case they need to practice. Make sure you get in writing the duration your musicians or band will play for during the wedding reception, the number and duration of any breaks and the cost of over-running.

I have spent a lot of time thinking about the music playlist I will have at my wedding and I believe that there will be traditional classic songs for the wedding ceremony. As for the wedding reception, I think that a band is the best choice. In our country, if a band sings at a wedding, it usually sings not only the songs written by them, but any other songĀ  or playlist that the bride and the groom ask for. We also have a traditional music style, something similar to folk, but still different; the presence of this music style at a wedding is very important, as it makes all the guests get up and dance.