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Choosing a wedding ring, also known as a wedding band may seem an infinitely easier task than selecting the much more elaborate engagement ring! But it is a case of out of the frying pan into the fire. You will be wearing your wedding ring for the rest of your life so it is important to choose a design you will be happy with forever. Wedding rings are a permanent symbol of your commitment and love. Making your decision even more important!

As with engagement rings there are a number of different metals available. These are usually picked to match the bride’s engagement ring. The grooms ring will usually follow this too. However if a couple have different preferences regarding wedding rings, there is nothing to say that couple can’t have different metals in the same style.

Which Metal?

A Yellow Gold Wedding Ring- The traditional choice. 14k and 18k are the most recommended, although less pure they are harder and will make a more durable wedding ring. If you have a manual job, it would be advisable to purchase a lower carat gold so the ring doesn’t scratch so easily.

A White Gold Wedding Ring- This metal will fantastically compliment any silver or platinum jewellery you may already have. A white gold wedding ring is often placed with rhodium to enhance its appearance. This may rub off in time, meaning as a long term investment this choice of metal is not ideal. In saying that, it is possible to get the rhodium coating re applied, so if this is your dream metal. Don’t let that stand in your way!

A Platinum Wedding Ring- This metal is not only the hardest of them, it is also incredibly stylish. While you may pay more for this type of metal than the equivalent in gold. Platinum’s pureness makes it a good purchase if you have sensitive skin.

metal for wedding rings

metal for wedding rings

What Shape?

When it comes to the shape of a wedding ring, the main factor to take into account is the shape of the bride to be’s engagement ring. If the engagement ring is straight edged, a straight edged wedding ring is absolutely fine. However the way the stone is set in some engagement rings means that a straight edged wedding ring will not be accommodated. If this is the case you can opt for a curved wedding ring, or break tradition and wear your wedding ring and engagement ring on different hands.

shaped wedding rings

shaped wedding rings

Band Styles

This is a less obvious feature of the ring. If you turn the ring on its side you will notice its style. The most common styles for wedding rings are;

Flat wedding Ring- This design has quite square edges for a more modern look.

Rounded Edge Wedding Ring- This gently curved style is the most subtle and traditional option.

High Domed Wedding Ring- With its more pronounced curve, this is slightly taller than the rounded-edge design.

Don’t worry about all these strange terms; the best thing to do is visit jewelers, even if not to buy a ring. By looking at the styles and metals you can decide on what sort of ring you are looking for. There are a number of other choices to make. Do you want the inside of your wedding ring engraved with the date of the marriage? Do you want stones in your wedding ring? If so what, rubies? Diamonds? Sapphires? Make sure to consult your partner and choose wedding rings which you will both be happy with. Wedding Rings Direct, have an unbeatable range of wedding rings at unbeatable prices, with up to 50% off high street prices. The rings are all made in the UK and are made to the highest standards. With positive testimonial after positive testimonial on their website, they really do make a brilliant choice.

Traditional. The traditional wedding ring pillow is usually either a square or heart-shaped pillow. The color is typically ivory or white, with matching lace sewn around it. Many brides choose to have the color of the pillow match the color of the wedding dress. The rings are tied with a ribbon that is attached in the center of the pillow.

traditional ring pillow

Butterfly ring bearer pillow. This type of pillow is used to bring a touch of nature to the ceremony, and is often a great choice when you must be married in doors because of the season. Also, often times the butterfly is a detachable charm that can be worn later on a necklace or bracelet to remind you of this very special day.

butterfly ring pillow

Kid-Friendly. Inasmuch as most ring bearers are children, a kid-friendly alternative to the wedding ring pillow is a sports ball, depending on what the child’s favorite sport is. Stuffed animals make another creative option. Use one of the child’s favorite animals or find one that ties into your wedding theme.

kid friendly ring pillow

Box ring holder. this is not your typical ring pillow, rather it is a shaped box, which can be shaped as you would like, in a heart, a fairytale inspired carriage, etc. Usually such a box features a velvet lining, which you would get in your wedding colors. This box can later serve as a jewelry box, or something nice to keep reminding you of your special day.

box ring holder

Modern. A newer and more modern pillow can be designed in colors to match the wedding party colors, or in a fabric displaying a favorite pattern. Toile, damask and cherry tree blossoms are popular patterns. Attaching a large artificial flower or decorating the pillow with wedding party flowers are other options many brides are choosing. Eclectic patterns, colors, ribbons, lace, flowers and beads are all ways to decorate a more modern wedding ring pillow.

modern ring pillow

Rose bud ring bearer pillow. This choice is wedding ring pillows is a classic; it features a rose bud on the top of the pillow, which has the effect of adding an elegant touch to your wedding day. Like I said, this is one of the more popular ring bearer pillows around, and you can even dry the rose buds and save them as a memento.

rose ring pillow

Alternative ring pillows. Today, many wedding traditions are altered in favor of more creative, unique approaches. For a more rustic style, a stack of petite wood slices tied with a ribbon is one way to display the rings. If a beach wedding is planned, you might adorn a pillow with sea shells and starfish. Using an artificial bird’s nest is a quite popular alternative in weddings today. An elegant and romantic style alternative is to use a small ceramic plate or bowl engraved with a saying or phrase.

alternative ring pillow

Wedding ring pillows have a special place in any marriage ceremony. When the ring bearer walks toward the aisle carrying the wedding ring pillow, everybody’s gaze gets focused on this little entity. That is why you have to make sure that the ring pillow you chose is exactly what your wedding needs.

Think about the color. The pillow’s color should contrast with the rings. White gold or platinum rings may be lost on a white pillow, while a colored pillow will show them off more clearly. White and ivory are the most common colors, but some weddings also use the wedding colors or even bright and unique colors. If you are having a themed wedding, you might have it go along with the wedding colors or even have the design that you might find on the wedding cake or other kinds of decorations found in the wedding.

ring pillow color

Think about shape. Ring Pillows are usually a standard 8″ by 8″ square pillow. Most pillows are small squares, but you can also find heart-shaped pillows if you prefer something other than a square. There are also round Ring Pillows if you want something different.

ring pillow shape

Decide on the size. The average wedding ring pillow will be just large enough to fit both of the rings on it. It you are looking to have it on a pedestal, you might choose something which is a bit larger. It is important to make sure that you are choosing something which is not too large as the rings might very well get lost in the oversized wedding ring pillow.

ring pillow size

Decide on the design. Choose a design that matches your own personal style. Some wedding ring pillows are simple, elegant satin, while others are adorned with beads, pearls, jewels and lace.

ring pillow design

Think about your wedding style. There are the traditional lace covered ring pillows, the simple white satin, silk and velvet, brocade, and moiré fabric. Try and match the Ring Pillow to the formality of your wedding. If you are having a traditional wedding with a large bridal party and stunning white gown, then a hand lace covered Pillow or a silk and velvet Pillow would enhance your theme. If you are having a more modern look with vibrant colors and styles, then a Ring Pillow with an elegant simplicity would be more in your line.

ring pillow style

Think about the material. The pillow material should be able to hold the rings stable. Most pillows come with ribbons or other ways to attach the rings to slippery silk or satin.

ring pillow material

Choose the fabric. The fabric should be smooth and blemish free; even small tears or snags could get caught on the rings, leaving tendrils of fabric clinging to the prongs or settings of any diamonds or gemstones.

ring pillow fabric

Think about who carries it. While it is traditional to have a little girl or boy to carry the pillow, some have been choosing the family dog or cat to carry the pillow. Some may even decide to have no one to carry the pillow and instead have it on a pedestal at the altar along with the bride and groom. The function of the pillow to stay in place will determine the way that it will look based on how you want it presented.

ring pillow carrier

Pillow with ribbon. Purchase a ring pillow with ribbon to tie the rings to, especially if you’ll be using a young child as a ring bearer. This helps prevent the rings from getting lost and adds a touch of elegance to the pillow design.

ring pillow with ribon