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It is the month of love and every groom who is looking for his perfect suit complete with wedding ties and every bride who is looking for her perfect wedding dress starts doing his/her research, reading magazines, going through pictures, trying suits or dresses on. If in 2013 the bridal dresses were a little more daring, with bright colors and contrasts, the 2014 bridal dresses are characterized by a glam that makes you think about Great Gatsby. This year, the wedding gowns are elegant due to sophisticated details, rather than to its general look.

2014 wedding dress – beads and pearls

2014 is known as the romantic year regarding wedding dresses. If in the past years the dresses with embroideries were fashionable, this year, the designers have decided to adorn them with beads and pearls. Theia, ReemAcra and Carolina Herreara are just some of the designers who promote this trend.

beads and pearls wedding dress

2014 wedding dress – column dress

As the bridal dresses for 2014 are not meant to surprise you by their form, but by the details they are adorned with, most of the wedding gown collections presented in New York show simple column dresses. This wedding dress style fits almost any silhouette, being also very easy to wear. Maggie Sottero, Kenneth Pool, and Carolina Herrera promote this wedding gown style.

column wedding dress

2014 wedding dress – lace sleeves and transparent bracelets

No matter if they are short or long, lace sleeves are a must for 2014 bridal gowns. The lace leaves became popular especially after the royal wedding of the Duchess of Cambridge and Prince William. Chantilly, Venise and Chiffli are the main designers that promote this trend. However, if you want to wear bracelets, but you believe they do not favor your look, you can replace them with transparent bracelets.

lace sleeves wedding dress

2014 wedding dress – cape

Capes became very popular among wedding dresses, especially because of the models presented by the big designers this year. No matter if you talk about lace cape or tulle cape, they all offer a romantic look to your wedding dress.

cape wedding dress

2014 wedding dress – back neckline

Although this detail was popular in 2013 too, backless wedding dresses are still trendy in 2014. However, the back “neckline” must be decorated with lace or elegant tulle, to have more glam. Temperley Bridal, Ines di Santo, Pronovias, are just some of the designers who believe in this trends.

back neckline wedding dress

2014 wedding dress – Shiny tulle and metallic colors lace

If you are a nonconformist bride and you want to show it, you can choose a bridal dress that has shiny tulle or metallic color lace as the main decoration details. Your wedding party will say “WOW” when you come down the aisle wearing such an amazing dress.

shiny tulle wedding dress

2014 wedding dress – vine details

Vine seems to have become a light motif of 2014, and you will be able to recognize it wedding trends too. Wedding designers come forward with fabrics that imitate the vine texture, which will underline the body-line of each bride.

vine wedding dress