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Not everybody loves a huge shindig so is it possible to get married without a party? Sometimes it can seem like everything is geared towards the reception and trying to outdo the last wedding that we went to. If you are on a tight budget or if you just don’t want the whole circus of a wedding then how do you do it? Follow this guide to find out how you can get the wedding you want!


Small but Modern Marriage Celebrant packages are usually the best ones as you get to interact with all your guests and this enables you to relax more knowing that you have your closest friends and family around you. There is also more focus on the ceremony itself as you know everybody there is focusing on the words you are saying and are truly there to celebrate with you.

A smaller wedding is easier to get away with if this is perhaps your second time around as most people will understand why you don’t want a huge wedding again, especially extended family members. As well as saving on costs you are also cutting down on wedding nerves.

If you have a groom who is nervous about making a speech having a smaller and familiar group of people around him will help him out immensely. Also you can focus more on the day itself knowing that the sea of faces watching you make your vows will be familiar and this should help seep away any nerves leaving you free to enjoy your day without any stresses.

Location, Location:

Locations for smaller weddings are often easier to find. You don’t need to fall into the trap of finding a location big enough to cater for everyone. Why not do what Kate Winslet did when she married Sam Mendez and hire a local pub? You can really go wild here and choose a destination wedding, a quite but nice chapel that can make the event a spiritual experience, or a really quirky place that sums you both up as a couple or is somewhere that provides the backdrop of a mutual hobby.


For example if you are both into potholing there are some locations where you can get married in a cave or tunnels (May not be suitable for some guests). Or there are the more ordinary routes such as a civil ceremony in a quiet location or a registry office. Other locations include theaters, cinemas, music venues, private houses, barns, and outdoor wedding garden venue – you name it.

You can even get married on the London Eye. A destination wedding is a sure fire way of keeping your guest list small and ensuring only the people you really want there are invited. They can be costly though so make sure that you have budgeted enough and decide if you are going to pay for people’s flights and accommodation too.

Who to Invite

This is entirely up to you. Most small weddings cater for the couples nearest and dearest including family members and close friends. Or if you have a large circle of friends it is sometimes easier to just invite close family to avoid the extra cost and the possible awkwardness associated with having to choose who will be present.


If you have children then you will have noticed that your social circle will have changed quite dramatically – do you invite the best friends you see only every six months or the people you see every day? Here’s where you can justify not inviting these people. If they don’t know you as a family or as a couple then what’s the point? Invite only the people who you both know and who you know care about you all immensely.

Don’t invite the people one or the other of you has never met. This should be easier to explain to people without hurting anyone’s feelings. Most importantly let people know your intention to have a small wedding and make your reasons clear.

  It’s your wedding and it’s your choice how you do it, it isn’t up to anyone else. Of course should you choose to throw all caution to the wind then why not elope? It doesn’t have to be as tacky as Gretna Green or the Little White Chapel in Vegas.

There are plenty of ways to do this. There are many ‘Elopement’ packages available in the UK as well as around the world. Small weddings are getting bigger by the day and many people have caught on to this idea.

You can rent a location and have two witnesses supplied and a champagne reception just for the two of you. Many places also allow a small number of guests should you feel as though an elopement will ruffle too many feathers.


You will still need a certain amount of cash to fund your wedding – albeit not as much as a huge wedding but still a required amount. There will still be all the usual wedding costs to out lay regardless of how small you are planning to go.


Venues, celebrants, rings, outfits, photographer, reception ,wedding bouquet and of course‘Thank You’ flowers all cost a lot of money and although you will be cutting a lot of the cost down by not having a big wedding or reception, they will still all need paying for. However, it does mean you can then splurge on the other details if you have the budget for it.

You can of course throw a party as such for the people you wanted to invite but couldn’t. It doesn’t have to be anything flash – you could even have it in your home with just a select few friends and family members. Or look to hire a function room in a pub – usually free in some places if you have a certain amount of people in attendance. This gives you the option to escape into the quieter areas of the pub and not hurt anyone’s feelings. However you do it as long as you do it your way then that is all that matters.

One of the most important steps in planning your wedding is choosing the wedding venue. Your wedding venue is the backdrop to your photographs and the surroundings in which you’ll spend your special day. It needs to be gorgeous, suited to the scale of your occasion and spot-on with how you imagined it would be. Whether you have always dreamed of saying your vows in a castle tower or you are torn between a city and country hotel, here are some tips to help you make this vital decision.

wedding venue

Discuss with your Partner

You and your partner may have different ideas about where you would like to tie the knot. Yet, instead of letting a disagreement become a problem, take the time to discuss the pros and cons of what each of you want from a wedding venue. The likelihood is that some of your ideas will overlap and this will help you find a wedding venue that caters to both of your wishes.

Decide on a budget

If you fall in love with a venue before deciding on a budget then you are setting yourself up for disappointment. Before you research or visit any glamorous Victorian houses or majestic castles, make sure you and your partner have agreed on the maximum you are willing to pay for the venue. If your budget is tight, this could limit your options and, therefore, help you with the decision. You can look online for event venue rental in Oakland, County and nearby areas to get an idea.

Decide on the Amount of Guests

Have you always wanted a big white wedding or is a small, intimate affair much more ‘you’? Whichever you prefer, make sure your venue can cater for the scale of your occasion. For example, whereas some castle venues may have a limited capacity of 150 guests, large luxury hotels can often cater for up to 500 people. Plus, with an outside venue such as a country park or the seaside, you have no limits.

Decide on the type of Venue

Is your heart set on a traditional church wedding venue or would you prefer a more modern location such as country manor hotel? Whatever you have in mind, take these points into consideration:

  • Do you favor traditional or modern decor styles?
  • What scenery would you love to feature in your wedding photographs, e.g. countryside, castle ruins or elegant hotel decor?
  • Would you prefer one venue or two different venues for the ceremony and reception?
  • Is your preferred type of venue a suitable distance away for guests?
  • Is your preferred type of venue suited to your number of guests?

wedding venue1

Decide on the location of the Venue

Depending on the type of venue you choose, it may be situated in more than one location nearby. For example, you may have many local churches or registry offices to choose from. Choose the location of your venue carefully, to ensure you and your guests can easily attend your big day. You may consult DFW Celebrations for wedding venues. If you are booking two separate venues for the ceremony and the reception then you will also need to ensure that the distance between these is not too far, wedding tent hire perth offer; easy, understated, luxury spaces for all manner of events.

Closing the Deal

Whether you are determined to book a particular venue or you are torn between a few, try to end your venue search with 3 options. This will help avoid disappointment if one or more of your choices are unavailable on your preferred dates. To finish your wedding venue UK search, check that is your favorite venue is available and get your special day booked in to their diary.

Happy wedding venue hunting!



The most central part of any wedding, without a doubt is the wedding dress, but essentially one of the most important elements to get right is an Intimate Wedding Event Venue. Choosing the right wedding venue can make a difference between simply a good wedding and a super wedding day the bride & groom, family and guests will savor long after the event.

Setting the scene for the momentous occasion, the wedding venue needs to suit your personality and requirements, as well as accommodate your guests. Once you have the formalities taken care of, the venue is also the place where you can really begin to relax and enjoy your day and have fun with your guests.

Historic Wedding Venue

For the full on romantic experience stately homes, country houses and even castles will add a fairytale atmosphere to your special day. Stately homes are a great choice for combining both the service and receptions, and often have rooms available for those guests who have traveled any distance to attend. Also a good option for winter weddings where photographs can be taken indoors, stately homes and castles offer a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to enjoy the use of a stunning building with fireplaces and sweeping staircases as a dramatic backdrop.

Hotel Wedding Venue

There are endless choices for hotel venues from traditional to ultra modern.  Having rooms available at the wedding venue is always a plus too. Think about what is particularly special to you and your partner and try and incorporate this into your venue. If you share a hobby or are both passionate about something, whether it be music, sports, food; try and incorporate this into part of the event, making your wedding venue as personal and original as possible will make the day truly about the two of you.

Outdoor Wedding Venue

A popular choice, especially for summer time weddings is to go for an outdoor venue. Fresh air and a sunny sky are the perfect accompaniment to your day, and marquee hire can help to transform any outdoor area into a chic wedding venue. Easy to style into any theme, from Mad Hatter Tea Party to Vintage 60s occasion, an outdoor wedding can give you a lot of control over the day. There are several things to consider, making sure there is a contingency plan in case the weather turns bad, a marquee should suffice and ground protection to be sure that guests can walk freely around the venue safely with no risk of muddy pathways or slippage. A large footfall can quickly turn ground into mud, which is the last thing you want on your special day, get more tips by reading this Designed Dream wedding and event planning.

Close to Home Wedding Venue

If you are more the traditional couple and wish to celebrate your marriage close to where you live or to where the bride grew up then a local restaurant or pub is perfect for a wedding venue. For those who enjoy the comfort of being near home you have familiar surroundings to organize the day and get ready on the all important wedding day. If your wedding party is small and consists mostly of intimate friends and family then a close to home venue makes it easier for guests to attend the wedding and will provide an intimate atmosphere to make your chosen guests feel special.

There are many other options from football clubs to docked ships, whichever wedding venue you choose make sure it is what you both want, and that it will cater for the number of guests you are going to invite. Once your venue is organized then you can be safe in the knowledge that the most important part of the day is planned, now have fun with the details, and remember to enjoy the experience.

Contributed by Simon Hayes from who offer a wide range of ground protection products and services for weddings and events.

Your wedding will no doubt be a day that you want to remember and hold close to your heart for many years to come, and rightly so. It’s a one-off event for you, your family and friends to come together and really enjoy; as a result, you will want to ensure that every little detail meets your ideal vision of the perfect wedding.

However, the planning stages can prove to be more demanding than many couples assume with so much to organise and so many people to please. Preparation is the key to planning a truly enjoyable wedding day and with this in mind let’s takes a closer look at what the benefits are for choosing a hotel to get married in over alternative options.

Your guests can stay in the same premises

Whilst there will be a number of other factors to consider when planning your wedding, choosing a hotel will allow your guests to stay in one place for the whole day, or longer if they’re traveling from further afield. This means that they can relax and enjoy a drink without having to worry about setting off to a second location later on in the day for the reception. As long as you can secure a hotel which will cater for your party during the day, which also has sufficient space for your guests, then everyone can really enjoy the occasion. Bear in mind that you are likely to need to book well in advance when looking for a hotel for your wedding to avoid disappointment.

A stress free arrangement

Getting married in a hotel and also staying there means that you won’t have the added stress of trying to find a suitable place for you and your close family to stay. Once it’s booked, you can focus on other fundamentals for your wedding day such as photography, food, flowers and travel arrangements. If you can save yourself time and still get the ideal location for your special day,then this can eliminate much of the stress and hassle associated with organizing such a major event.

wedding at a hotel

wedding at a hotel (source:

Breakfast in the morning

If it can be arranged, you might be able to sort out breakfast for your guests for the day after your wedding too. This again makes things a lot easier for your party if they have decided to stay for the night, as it saves you making alternative plans and your eating requirements can be left in the hands of the hotel caterers. If everything is planned in advance then your guests can also enjoy their time as much as you.

Easy to make any relevant changes

If a hotel is to be the setting for your wedding and reception, with food and accommodation provided for the night, then you can easily notify the hotel of any changes should they be required. This saves you having to contact your wedding venue first and then the caterers or hotel separately. Hopefully you won’t need to change anything, but if you do, then one quick call to the hotel will help to fix the issue and keep everyone happy.

wedding at a hotel

wedding at a hotel (source:

Again, with fewer elements to go wrong, you can hopefully reduce some of the stress associated with planning such an important event. A wedding day should be enjoyable for everybody and a time to really celebrate; you shouldn’t just be relieved that there were no disasters or last minute cancellations. While you can never rule out mishaps entirely, by grouping everything together in one convenient location and having a single point of contact at every stage, you can certainly reduce risks.

When it comes to booking a suitable location for your wedding, think about choosing a hotel for the benefits explained above.

This guest post was written by the Star Alfriston, a historic hotel and restaurant in Alfriston, East Sussex.