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The wedding day is the greatest day for the bridegroom and the bride because it marks the union of the two under a marriage institution. Beach weddings and waterfront weddings are treated with special care and therefore have a lot of significance to the friends and relatives of the couples. However, there are more than 1 million weddings that happen each day and therefore in order to have a unique wedding, couples should choose the most suitable wedding venue. Although there are various places where one can have a wedding, it’s advisable that you choose the most romantic and spectacular venue. Here are top ten places to get married around the world:

Grand hotel in Florence, Italy

This gracious venue is not only beautiful, but it’s also considered very romantic. It has a brilliant architecture, and it’s also decorated to suit the event. The interior is professionally designed, and it’s a place where the bride can’t fail to say “I DO” in the most submissive manner. There is enough space to accommodate guests, and it also offers a well-furnished bedroom with a king size bed. There is a high level of services, therefore, everybody will feel at home.


Le Saint Gerans Mauritius

It’s located in the coast of Indian Ocean in East Africa, and it has been a hotspot for popular people in the world including celebrities and British royalty. There is a spectacular ocean view and very beautiful white sand beach. Mauritius can also be a good place for honeymoon because of the numerous 5 star hotels available.

Le Saint Gerans Mauritius

Tandjung Sari resort in Bali, Indonesia

A glamorous experience with nature will spice up a wedding ceremony, and it will also give a wedding couple the most memorable time. Tandjung sari resort provides that glamorous experience with nature since it has a natural environment that paints the wedding with the green color of nature. There is an ocean bordering the resort and therefore you can have a romantic wedding at the oceanfront.

Tandjung Sari resort in Bali, Indonesia

Dalhousie castle in Edinburgh, Scotland

This venue gives wedding couple a royal feeling and a sense of pride. It was built in the 13th century and it’s now a luxurious hotel, it therefore has a combination of both ancient and modern themes. It’s fully furnished with 27 bedrooms and out of all of them, 14 bedrooms have a historical theme. The wedding couple can therefore choose to experience the historical or modern bedrooms. Guests will also have the opportunity to explore the green friendly environment.


Legion of Honor in San Francisco, California

If the wedding couple need a venue that’s on a hilltop with a beautiful and romantic vicinity, then the Legion of Honor is the place to be. It’s strategically positioned and it allows one to have a view of the Pacific Ocean spilling on San Francisco. This historical museum has a classical architecture and wedding couple will have memorable photos taken on this art museum. The guests will also have a spectacular view of the region and an exciting moment observing the vicinity.

Legion of Honor in San Francisco

Central Park in New York

Central park is romantic and it has beautiful gardens in which unique weddings can be held. Wedding couple with the dream of having their wedding at the center of the city, should therefore consider central park in Manhattan. The best garden in the park is the Lush garden since it has a glamorous natural environment that brings out the theme of romance.

New York wedding photographer Sofia Negron Central Park Boathouse blue white

Rock house hotel in Negril, Jamaica

Why does everyone prefer walking down the aisle? It’s simply because they blindly follow a common tradition. The Rock house hotel breaks the monotony by providing a wooden bridge that is suspended over the water on which the wedding couple can walk side by side. The spectacular vicinity creates an extra ordinary theme that the guests will enjoy throughout the wedding.

Rock house hotel in Negril

The Oberoi Udaivilas in Udaipur, India

This is a beautiful and a very romantic palace with spectacular vicinity. The palace has lovely designed pool and the architect is just enough to excite the guests throughout the wedding. The bride will even say “I DO” before she’s even asked, because the palace is not only beautiful but also offers the theme of love in Asian context.

The Oberoi Udaivilas in Udaipur,

Ladera Soufriere

This venue is like paradise on earth and it provides the guests with a clear view of the Caribbean sea and the beautiful Piton mountain. The resort has a glamorous design with beautiful pools. A taste of Caribbean culture makes the wedding unique since most people only incorporate common world culture.

Ladera Soufriere

Le Chatteau d’Esclimont in France

France is known to be a romantic country and therefore a wedding will turn out to be excellent if it’s done in the most romantic venue in a country that is considered to be romantic. Le Chatteau d’Esclimont is situated 45 kilometer form Paris and it will make the bride feel like a loved princess.

Le Chatteau d'Esclimont

The top ten places to get married are the best choices that wedding couple can make in their wedding day. However, in order to easily travel to the place of their choice they need a reliable means of transport. They can therefore get the easy jet telephone number to book tickets and to plan for traveling to the place they wish to hold their wedding.

When it comes to arranging your big day, it’s natural that you want everything to be perfect. In finding your dream venue, the perfect dress and bride’s maids outfits, your own style and taste will be reflected in your choices. This is the ‘easy’ part of planning your wedding, the practical, nuts-and-bolts side is where things can become a bit more tricky. Most of us cannot afford the added luxury of a professional wedding planner so, for the first timers there are a few things that can easily get overlooked. Caterers, wedding favors, the band, photographer and the venue (among many other things!) all need to be researched and arranged.

Before you book your wedding venue, there are a few key questions that need to be considered. It’s the less glamorous side of the process but can have just as big, if not bigger, an impact on the day than almost any other single factor. Here are ten questions you should ask yourself before deciding if this really is the venue for you.

Is VAT included?

When budgeting for the venue, this cost can often get forgotten. It’s important that you find this out before calculating the expense, leaving this out could lead to blowing your budget (banal but equally important).

Do I have to hire tables and chairs?

Some venues will provide these as standard, if your reception venue is a hotel or restaurant for example, but more unusual venues may include an extra charge for this, or even require you to provide your own. With guests often arriving from all corners of the globe, it’s nice to be able to offer them a seat! Book this All Inclusive Wedding Venue in Dallas TX early.

Is there an extra fee if I use my own caterer?

Although you may have found the perfect venue, some will charge an extra fee to use your own caterers. Be sure to look into this before committing, many venues have excellent, in-house caterers who have been chosen to complement the surroundings. This also unburdens you of any extra responsibility for ensuring their safe arrival on the day (which can only be a good thing!).

Does the catering quote include staffing costs?

Another hidden expense that could skew your budget is the cost of staffing your event. Hiring a cheaper venue or catering company may seem to be saving you money, but often these extra charges will add up. Make sure you find out before booking if waiting staff, bar people and clean-up fees are all included, it could save you a nasty shock in the long run.

Is the fee for the civil ceremony included?

Increasingly, licensed wedding venues can offer their own services in-house. Be sure to check whether this means extra cost if you are thinking of making use of it.

How much does it cost to BYOB?

Supplying your own alcohol seems like another common sense way to stretch your budget, but what is the reality? Many venues do not have a license for bringing your own alcoholic refreshment and of those that do, some carry an extra charge for the privilege. Speak to the venue manager beforehand to find out, most will be able to supply this for less than the cost of doing it yourself.

Do I have to book all the accommodation?

When hiring the venue, the ‘honeymoon suite’ will often be included but you may be required to book all available guest accommodation. In this case you may have to pay for guest accommodation as part of the venue fee to be recouped from guests later.

Will I be required to decorate?

Choosing a lower priced venue may mean you have to decorate it yourself; hiring chair covers, hanging bunting and drapes, choosing table linen and lighting’ all costing extra money, time and effort. The right venue will speak for itself and require minimal decoration, leaving you free to worry about the important things.

Don’t Forget To Budget For Evening Food.

Many caterers offer a package for the wedding breakfast but evening food can be extra. If you are inviting evening guest, check this out in advance, or risk letting them go hungry!

Late license Fees.

Many venues have a set finish time that cannot be extended and venues that do offer a later finish charge an extra fee. It’s worth considering whether you really want to extend the day. Tempting as it sounds to prolong the merriment, after a long day of high emotion, when many people may have traveled a long way and had a lot to eat and drink, a midnight finish is usually a good time to end, before things begin to get messy!

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Weddings are never to be planned in a hurry, as little mistake here and there can completely spoil the spirit of the grand celebration. Time, effort, and money stand as the three essential components of planning a ceremony at its best. After all, you would certainly, not like to hover around the entire venue planning getting things in place at the last moment.

However, most often, these words of advice fails to reach the ears of would- be couple and they end up ruining the grandeur of the day. The silly mistakes can without a doubt be blamed on the stress encounter by the bride and the groom preceding the day. Well, to avoid this from happening, you must take a cue at things that can lead to mismanagement regarding planning the wedding.

Avoid Waiting until the Last Day

When it comes to planning an event, as big as a wedding, waiting until the last day comes across to be a fool’s idea. A wise planning always entails getting things done much ahead of time to ensure a hassle free ceremony and celebration on the day. Imagine being in a situation when you are ready to exchange the rings, but the best man is yet to arrive with the ring. Disappointing! isn’t it? Avoid such follies while, planning a wedding and distribute tasks amongst your relatives and friends making sure that everything is attended well.

Avoid being your Own Boss

When it comes to planning a wedding, every bride and groom must avoid shouldering all the responsibilities. However, this does not mean that you should avoid offering idea in wedding planning resources, but it always pays to rest for a while prior to the big day. You must certainly, have a say, but let others take care of the implementation of your opinion. For experiencing the best in planning your big day, you can well consider relying upon professionals to make the arrangements that range from florists, decorators, caterers, cleaning professionals, etc.

Arrange a Plan B Ready

When it comes to planning big ceremonies like a wedding, always make sure to have an alternative plan ready for the occasion. You never know, your arrangements might go haywire owing to climatic problems and other such accidents. For instance, if you are planning to have an outdoor ceremony, always consider having little arrangements done at the indoors so that you can easily switch indoors, if something tends to spoil the outdoor fun.

In addition, you must also remember selecting the venue at the first place. When it comes to arranging an Asian wedding in London, you can be sure of coming across several Asian wedding venues and halls, as your choice for the big day.

Author’s Bio – The author Stephen Richard here, speaks about the ways that might help you to plan the perfect wedding. He, also shares information about the way choosing a venue can help you set-up an ideal wedding plan. The author also shares some anecdotes about Asian wedding venues and halls that can help you re-create magic on your big day

Every girl dreams up their perfect wedding when they are little. They think of the most extravagant, unique and outlandish venues, dresses and celebrations. However, some women make these dreams a reality. This article will reveal the top 8 most unique and unusual wedding venues in the United Kingdom.

The London Art House

The London Art House is possibly one of the most beautiful places to get married. Every single room plays host to a different theme as it has been hand-painted by a different artist. This ensures you can have a room to suit your style and tastes but it also guarantees that there is a unique and special feeling to the venue.

London Art House

London Art House (source: )


London Zoo

If you love animals, then why not get married at London Zoo? There are two wedding suites to choose from; one which is situated just above the zoo meaning you can see all the wildlife whilst enjoy your celebrations and another, which has grandeur and luxury in abundance.


Football stadium: St. James’ Park, The Emirates etc.

If you are a football fan then getting married at your team’s football stadium is a fabulous idea. You will get the full on pitch experience, with your guests sitting in the stands and you saying “I do” on the grass.

London Wetland Center

If nature and scenery is your thing, then there really is nowhere better than the London Wetland Centre. Just imagine the wedding photographs…


london_wetland_centre (source:

HMS Belfast

How does getting married on one of the capital’s most famous ships sound? The HMS Belfast has a deep and rich history, which began in World War Two. If you are looking for tradition, then this is certainly one the most culture-filled and unusual wedding venues to get married.


Wedding-HMS-Belfast (

Science Museum

If you and your partner are brainiacs or are simply science lovers, then you could get married at London’s famous Science Museum. You can even have your reception underneath the Apollo 10 command module. This is certainly an unusual choice that is assured to get your guests extremely intrigued.


Science-museum-wedding (source: )

Absolute Ice Bar

Let us face it; you are going to feel flustered and your heart is going to be pounding throughout the ceremony so why not get married somewhere as cold as ice? (Literally!). Getting married at minus five degrees is assured to put your wedding down as the most memorable out of all your family and friends.


Absolut-Ice-Bar (source: )

The Museum of Brands and Packaging.

Ok… so you do not get more unusual than getting married in the Museum of Brands and Packaging. Getting married next to a bottle of Head and Shoulders… Who said romance is dead?


Brands-and-packaging-museum (source: )

So, there you have it; the top 8 most unusual wedding venues in the entire United Kingdom. Whilst science and consumer packaging might not be your idea of the most romantic day of your life, hopefully, this article will have given you the inspiration to let your personality shine through on your big day.

About the Author: Rossi Lemon is a freelance content writer by profession. She finds immense pleasure in writing wedding venue related article including unusual wedding venues.