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With a wedding in your future, it’s time to make some plans! Choosing the perfect wedding photographer and looking for experts like these wedding photographers Willow Spring to capture your special day is a big decision. Make certain that your photographer’s style captures the radiance of your first day of married life. Select the right photographer for your event by asking questions:

How much experience do you have?

Ask the wedding photographer about his experience. Focus on previous weddings he has photographed, and then discuss some of the images you hope to capture on your wedding day. Review examples provided by the photographer to determine if his style and skills match your expectations. Request references that you may call. Assess the photographer’s communication style. Is he detail-oriented and up to the task?

Tell us about your style!

Ask the photographer about the tools and techniques he uses. Some basic questions to ask include: Do you prefer to shoot pictures in color or do you use black and white? Do you use film, or do you use a digital camera?

If the photographer can’t produce examples of previous work, end the interview in order to focus on experienced wedding photographers.

How much do your services cost?

Wedding photographers may quote a flat fee or a la carte services. Some of the questions to ask include: How much will you charge to cover our wedding throughout the full day? What is the scope of your full day? 8am-5pm, etc.? Concerning the full day charge, is there an incremental amount if we need you to continue past 8 or 10 hours? Is our wedding album included in this charge? Do we receive any selected prints or is this an added charge? Do we receive the negatives of these prints? Do you have liability insurance?

After discussing the particulars of his services, confirm the details in writing. If the photographer has a copy of his agreement or contract, request a copy and carefully review it. Note any items you’ve discussed and agreed upon that aren’t included in the standard agreement. These must be added before affixing your signature.

Will you take our pictures?

Learn if the photographer shoots the photographs himself. Sometimes, an in vogue photographer sends her assistant. Also ask about the photographer’s stand-in if she can’t attend as promised. Make sure that the photographer agrees to your concerns in writing before signing his agreement.

What kind of camera will you use for our photos?

Determine how and when the photographer plans to set up lighting for indoor shots. Ask about the kind of camera he will use: Does the camera offer a range of possibilities for your wedding? Does the camera have telephoto and wide-angle shot potential? By taking the time to fully qualify your wedding photographer, you’re ready–Make Some Plans for a beautiful wedding day!

Author Bio: Lyndsi Decker is a blogger and is currently promoting Pittsburgh Wedding Photographer. In her free time she enjoys traveling and spending time with her two daughters.