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When we say winter we automatically think of snowflakes, ice-flowers on our windows and plenty of love to melt our hearts. If you decided to have a winter wedding, you must know that your wedding reception will be just magical. A winter wedding not only that helps you cut down on your budget (as venues are considerably cheaper to rent), but it brings magic to your already perfect day, and it helps you understand its real meaning.

Winter is the season when every person is waiting for the “miracle” to happen. So when they see a gorgeous princess coming down the aisle, they know that the miracle has happened. What else do we need for that moment to be unforgettable if not some amazing decorations? Here are some decorations that would make a winter wedding feel like a real miracle.


As white feathers can be very easy associated with snow flakes, you just have to include them in your winter wedding decorations. Furthermore, if you want to look like the Queen of Snow yourself, you can choose to decorate your bridal gown with feathers, or to have a headdress made of feathers. You can also decorate your wedding cake with feathers and to have peacock feathers as table centerpieces.

feather winter wedding


Wood is perfect for a winter wedding decorations because it takes us closer to nature. You can easily use twigs as support for Christmas globes, snowflakes, or even jewelries. If you have your reception in a venue that has a wood based interior, it is even better. Your wedding will have a rustic ambient and will make your guest feel closer to nature. Fir cones would make a perfect contrast for a snow white wedding cake.

wood winter wedding

Let it shine

By using shiny or metallic colors, you can create a charming atmosphere for your unique event. Have some glitter thrown on your wedding tables, dance floor, wedding cake and even on your bridal makeup. Your wedding invitations, thank you cards, favors and table centerpieces are just a few of all the details that you could use some special shine. And let’s not forget about your bridal shoes as they can also use some sparkles.

winter wedding shine


Nothing can create a more romantic and peaceful atmosphere than perfect lighing. No matter if you decide on floating candles, chandeliers, colorful LEDs or just simple scented candles you cannot go wrong either way.

winter wedding lights

Having your wedding in winter is the best choice you can make. I know for a fact that there are plenty of people among us who can say that they love winter. Not only that winter offers us special landscapes with lots and lots of snow, but it also brings us Christmas and all the joy and happiness that come with it. So, if you are engaged and you are contemplating upon a season when to have your wedding, here are some reasons to choose winter:

Wonderful decor for your wedding photo shooting

There are photographers that would say “NO” to a wedding photo shooting in winter as there is no contrast between the snow and the bridal gown. But there are many other accessories and decorations that can be added in order to create the perfect view for your wedding album. A light snow fall, sparkling fresh snow, icicles and decorated trees are just a few things that can make your shooting decor unique and simply amazing.

winter wedding photo shooting

Unique attire

Every bride wants three things from her wedding gown: to make her beautiful, to be unique and to be original. This being so, winter is just the season that can help you fulfill these three wishes. Having your wedding in winter will “force” you to choose a different bridal gown that will make you shine but also will keep you warm. You could choose an ivory bridal dress that has unique details sewn on it like: silver or cream sequins, lace or fur.

winter wedding attire

Original theme

When you have your wedding in winter, you get the chance to create a dreamy atmosphere. All you have to do is to let you imagination go free and to see beyond appearances. You can choose any theme starting with snowflakes, vintage lace, Russian style, ski trip, or ice princess. And let’s not forget about Christmas. There are plenty of original ideas to plan a wonderful Christmas themed wedding in winter.

winter wedding theme

Flowers and decorations

There is nothing like the wonderful decorations that you can create if you have your wedding in winter. Use pressed dried flowers, silver fir, snowy branches, pine cones, gilt-edged invitations and many, many candles to create the decor of a fairytale wedding. You can also tie paper made snowflakes to the ceiling and use garlands to decorate you dance floor.

winter wedding decorations

Sleigh ride

I am sure that each of you asked himself how is it to ride on a sleigh like Santa Clause does. Well, if you have you wedding in winter, why not use sleighs for your transportation? Not only that you will get your dream ride, but you can also make some breath taking photos, that will always remind you of your perfect wedding day.  You will definitely feel like a princess.

winter wedding sleight ride

Special days for your wedding

There are plenty of couples who choose a holiday for their wedding day. If you have your wedding in winter, why not do it on Christmas, New Year’s Eve, or even Valentine’s Day? They are all in winter, and they have all a profound connection with love, faith and a new beginning.

Christmas wedding

Cheap venues

As there are not that many couples that prefer to have their wedding in winter, the competition for a certain venue is not as high as in summer. Most of the venues are free on weekends, and you, most definitely, have plenty of dates to choose from, if you want a certain venue. So, not only that you have your dreamy wedding, but you can also save some money, which you can spend on your honeymoon.

Lately there are more and more couples who prefer to have a winter themed wedding. A winter themed wedding has many advantages: exclusive wedding attire for winter season, wonderful wedding photography, etc. And as winter is the sale season, planning a winter themed wedding is cheaper than a summer wedding. But a winter wedding has some disadvantages too: the temperature outside is very low or you may have a heavy snowfall on your wedding day. In order to avoid being cold on your wedding day, here is what you should consider.

6 bridal beauty tips for a winter themed wedding

The bridal gown

Bridal gowns are not usually designed for winter themed weddings. The only thing you can do to ensure you won’t be cold on your wedding day is to choose a nice bridal dress that goes well with gloves and a fur coat.


winter-themed-wedding-bridal-gown (source: )

The bridal shoes

The bridal shoes are usually chosen to match the bridal gown. But for a winter themed wedding you will not be able to wear sating shoes as your feet will froze. You should consider wearing an elegant pair of white boots while you are out door, and switch to a pair of elegant white shoes at your wedding reception.


winter-themed-wedding-bridal-shoes (source: )

The bridal undergarments

All the brides want to impress their partner on their wedding night and to be sexy and attractive. But before choosing your bridal undergarments keep in mind that if you have suffered from cold during the entire wedding day you won’t be able to feel the gentle touches of your groom on your wedding night. Also, you don’t want to risk spending your honeymoon sneezing and blowing your nose. To avoid all this you should consider wearing thicker garters and a body under your wedding gown.


winter-themed-wedding-bridal-undergarments (source:

The bridal fur coat

Your winter themed wedding is the perfect occasion for you to buy a fluffy white fur coat, a bolero or an elegant fur jacket. Keep the fur coat unbuttoned as you don’t want to be hot and sweet when there is so cold outside. If your budget doesn’t allow you to buy a fur coat, you could go with a Russian mufta to complete your winter bridal look.


winter-themed-wedding-bridal-fur-coat (source:

The bridal bouquet

The bridal bouquet is one of the most important details of a wedding. But a floral bridal bouquet might not be the best idea for a winter themed wedding, as they will wilt on the low temperature. But if you insist on having a floral bridal bouquet avoid lilies, orchids and all the flowers that have large petals.


winter-themed-wedding-bridal-bouquet (source:

The bridal makeup and hairstyle

We strongly recommend you try your makeup and hairstyle before the wedding so that you can see how your hair resists to high quantity of hair spray or other substances. You should avoid curls, as they tend to look soaked in the cold weather. Also, keep in mind that you have to use foundation for the cold season and waterproof make up.


winter-themed-wedding-bridal-makeup (source: